Secular falsehood of our history must be thrown out and rewritten


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3 Responses to Secular falsehood of our history must be thrown out and rewritten

  1. Observer says:

    Since Chavan pardoned Gory 16 times, he must have got a opportunity to in inherit a couple of Father in Laws in India and that might have got him a Victory, why not? . That is why he might have repeatdly tnvaded India, he knew he can get his new brides as well help from internal traitors of India. .

  2. Observer says:

    Though I am a Christian, I feel I am as good as many good Hindus in this country, & because I am a Christian I donor have any hatred for India or Hindus at all. As we all very well know we were originally converted from Hinduism to Christianity a few centuries back. Nor the true Christianity I know off advocates hatred for any Nation nor Religions at all. But perhaps they prey to the Lord Almighty to enlighten peoples mind to know and glorify the one & only one God Almighty. Because the kingdom of God is open for all the righteous. God is not mean as his creation is.

  3. Observer says:

    Mr. Subramaniam Swamy is not at all against any Religions. All he is trying to do is, to unite Hindus in his effort & struggle to over throw any bad governance in this country by Democratic way. Simple. He had found the loop holes existing in the Voting System he plugged it through the Law Courts in the recent past. The message & the bottom line is, if Hindus are 88% in India, why can’t they unite to have a government of their choice & liking which he too is a party. If he was anti Christian he would have not have gone to study at Harvard USA and be a lecturer there for years till recently. USA is a country of Immigrants any way. After all he is a Politician & has to play his cards well to accomplish his goal. Do not fear MR. Swamy, he is a good person & can be too good for India, if he can manage India. I don’t see anything wrong with him at all. Accept he is a determined hard working person, struggling day & night on his job

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