Sardar Patel’s anger against Gandhiji over his celibacy experiments

UDAY MAHURKAR  | Ahmedabad, June 6, 2013 | 19:35
Sardar Patel
Sardar Patel
Sardar Patel’s anger against Gandhiji over his celibacy experiments with young girls knew no bounds. He wrote to Gandhiji on January 25, 1947 when he was at Muriam-Hirapur.
Excerpt: “Read your letter to Kishorelal Mashruwala, Mathuradas and Rajkumari Amrit Kaur. You have thrown us in wildfire of agony. I can’t understand why you thought of reviving this experiment. After our last talk with you, we thought this chapter had ended. Parashuram was a faithful servant and your contempt for him is wrong (he was Gandhiji’s attendant who left in disgust unable to stomach the experiments). You just don’t care for our feelings. We feel utterly helpless. Devdas’s feelings stand acutely injured. All of us are pained beyond measure. Till further discussion, you should suspend it. I just can’t fathom such terrible blunder on your part.”

Patel wrote another more letter on February 16, 1947 which was more lethal than the previous one when Gandhiji at Raipura. This followed after Gandhiji wrote to the administrator of his Navjivan publications, Jiwanji Desai, in Ahmedabad, asking him to carry details of his celibacy experiments in Navjivan publications including ‘Harijan’.
Patel wrote: “I called Jiwanji (to Delhi) after your directive to him. In between I received Kishorelal Mashruwala’s letter. Rajaji (Rajagopalachari) and Devdas also met me and talked about the issue. We all feel there is no end to your obstinacy. You have pushed us into a calamity. You are unable to measure the extent of our pain. Even if for the sake of taking pity on us you must leave it. Publicising these experiments isn’t going to benefit the world. Your saying that others shouldn’t follow you (on celibacy experiments) isn’t going to make any difference. People always follow the elders. I can’t understand why you are bent upon pushing the common people on the path of heterodoxy instead of religion. If only we could cut open our heart and show how deep are our wounds. In this helpless situation the trustees of Navjivan have come to the conclusion that they can’t publish anything about this experiment, come what may.”

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  1. I have , Sir never been a great admirer of Gandhi or Nehru.Between them they have wrecked and ruined this country beyond description and produced wheeler dealers like Shukla,and Amar Singh. Ganesh.

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