BJP Karanataka tally would be only 2 Lok Sabha seats. What should BJP do to increase this number to 20?

BJP’s Karnataka tally would dip to 2 in Lok Sabha on assembly vote

TNN | May 10, 2013, 12.54 AM IST

NEW DELHI: If voting patterns from the Karnataka assembly polls were to be replicated in the next Lok Sabha elections, the BJP would face an even gloomier scenario, winning just 2 of the state’s 28 seats. The Congress would win 22 and the JD(S) the remaining 4.

An analysis of votes by Lok Sabha seats shows that even if the votes gathered by the B S Yedyurappa-led KJP and the G Sriramulu-led BSRCP were added to the BJP’s tally, the combined entity would only get another 7 seats, taking the saffron party’s tally to 9, a huge drop from the 19 it won in 2009. Considering that Karnataka contributed the largest chunk of MPs to the BJP’s Lok Sabha tally in 2009, that is truly alarming news for the party.

Of course, voting patterns are never quite replicated in such a mechanical fashion, with voters often making a distinction between who they want in power in the state and who they prefer at the Centre, but such an analysis does help put the task before different parties in perspective.

Assuming the votes are replicated, the BJP would win just Belgaum and Chikkodi, the JD(S) would pick up Hassan, Mandya, Kolar and Tumkur and the Congress would win the rest. Apart from the two it would win, the BJP would come second in only 10 other seats. In short, it wouldn’t even be one of the two main contenders in a majority of the state’s Lok Sabha seats, finishing fourth in several.

The reason the JD(S) would do better than the BJP despite having exactly the same number of assembly seats and almost exactly the same vote share is because its votes are more concentrated in some pockets, largely in the southern parts of the state.

The KJP would be unable to win any seats, but would finish second in Bidar, Chamarajanagar, Davanagere and Haveri and a close third to the JD(S) in Shimoga, Yedyurappa’s home turf. Sriramulu’s BSRCP would be second to the Congress in Bellary.

Given this scenario, the pressure on BJP, KJP and BSRCP to merge or join hands is clear. But even if they were able to pool their votes, it would be enough to get past the post only in Bellary, Bidar, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Koppal, Shimoga and Tumkur. In that event, the Congress would be restricted to 16 seats, the combined saffron entity would get 9 and the JD(S) 3.


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2 Responses to BJP Karanataka tally would be only 2 Lok Sabha seats. What should BJP do to increase this number to 20?

  1. observer says:

    unfortunately BJP Rule was very disappointing to majority of Citizens of Karnataka. It is rumoured,, What Congress amassed in 50 years, BJP amassed in 5 years. While Citizens are bewildered with rising prizes, & added crime on the increase. Any way certain seats that Congress won was merely because of worthy candidates and not the Party itself in several constituencies.

  2. Raman says:

    Cogress won in K’taka by default due to never ending internal quarrels and misgovernance during the Gowda and Shettar rule.Of course Yeddy too is responsible for that but the stupid Advani and Anant Kumar played spoilsport by throwing Yeddy and never accomodated him in some capacity and never even pacified him.This is the major drawback for BJP.Anant Kumar is an arrogant fellow who wanted to become the CM and blocked Yeddy on all counts.Stupid Advani begged Hegde when he resigned from the Lok Ayukta to come back as if he is a great moral man.Stupid and unfit fellow who was a miserable failure as Home Minister of India and did nothing.
    IF elections are taken wherever he went and made speeches BJP miserably failed.Nobody likes him.Still he is nurturing the ambition to become PM.When Yeddy begged him to somehow accomodate him both he and Anant Kumar blocked and after waiting for a long time Yedy had no option but to wreak vengence against BJP as BJP came to power becoz of his hard work.He lamented when any Congressman is under attack Sonia comes to his rescue but nobody from BJP came to his rescue when he was in distress.Such is the way BJP works.So an absolute revamp by getting rid of people like Advani,Anant Kumar,Jeswant Singh and all such old things ad good for nothing persons shuld be asked to gracefully retire and take rest doing Ram japa.Now a days lot of young people hv come to BJP all work hard and even women who do great jobs as spokespersons and in the field.Hence BJP shuld show the way and make an internal assessment of the good from bad and revamp the whole structure if at all it wants to win the votes.In K’taka BJP can surely come back provided people like Anant Kumar,Sadanada Gowda and all such stupid things are side tracked and the handling of the compaign be given to better hands.Since Anant Kumar was in charge of K’taka BJP lost a number of seats as people were angry as the culprit for Yeddys ouster.So BJP votes instead of going to Yeddy went to Kumaraswamy and not to Congress.SO emergency measures shuld be taken in a clinical manner to make BJP strong.Will the Board take any steps as most of them are interested in lunch and dinner meetings.All gluttons esp Advani.the wrecker of BJP .May be he must hv done something way back but in todays condition he is a liability.So the prediction of seats on tghe basis of K’taka by Congress need not be taken for granted and BJP can turn the tables.

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