Illegality and breach of national security in appointment of SG Pitroda as PM’s adviser — Swamy tells PM

April 26, 2013.
Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi.

Dear Prime Minister:

I am enclosing an internet down-load which reveals that Mr. S.G. Pitroda, (US citizen?) is “Adviser to the Indian Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation”. He owns a series of companies in the United States including one in Mexico by name Scientika dedicated to commercial purposes the very same issues for which he is Adviser and it appears to me that this is a case of conflict of interests as well as breach of national security. Mr. Pitroda is also head of a company that is commercially involved in mobile technology. This too would be a conflict of interest.

I would appreciate a reply whether you would consider this as a conflict of interests that deserves Mr. Pitroda to be dropped from the official position that he presently holds in the Government of India. I may also say that he is a Director in an Indian company named Young Indian. Before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court in Patiala House proceedings are pending where the company and its Directors have been accused of fraud, breach of trust and cheating. These proceedings are in a preliminary stage, but I shall keep you posted of further developments as and when these take place.
Best Regards,
Yours sincerely,



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2 Responses to Illegality and breach of national security in appointment of SG Pitroda as PM’s adviser — Swamy tells PM

  1. Raman says:

    This Congress Govt headed by Manmohan is doing everything clandestinely to vitiate the security of the country and the schemes of Pitroda and Nilakeni are doing immense damage.But who cares so long as these fellows hv the support of Sonia.PM is not a dud as all believe but a cunning crook and knows that all mistakes committed by him will be put on Sonia ultimately and the general belief is that he acts according to the dictates of Sonia.May be in many matters but there are several matters which he never consults even Sonia and do on his own way so that if any thing boomerangs the blame will fall on Sonia and he can come out as an unscathed man.He is number one fraud and will not hesitate to blackmail even Sonia to get one more term as that his desire to be trhe PM till his death if Congress comes to power again.This is not meant to defend Sonia but the facts in certain cases speak like that and now as per reporrts there are differences
    between the two and Sonia is not happy with Manmohan as he never consults her on any key issues but the cunning Manmohan never cares as he knows nothing Sonia will do dethrone him as there is no other person to occupy and the buddhu won’t accept PM post and so his dirty play.So Manmohan will not act on this petition of Dr.Swamy as he has got his own schemes in mind to corner the post of PM for another term and to project him as PM in the coming LS elections and hence will do whatever he likes and say whatever he feels.

  2. Varadarajan Seshamani says:

    We all need to take cues from you on alertness and action

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