Wondering why Nautanki Chor would be paid 42 Cr. unless it was a quid pro quo for a favour that Pucca did to Sudipto? Very Fishy! – Girish Podar


Thursday, 25 April 2013 | J Gopikrishnan | New Delhi

Among several bigwigs from West Bengal, the Saradha group Chit Fund scam is also reaching the doorstep of a very senior Cabinet Minister of the UPA Government at the Centre. In his 18-page letter to CBI’s Kolkata Unit about the involvement of the persons who extracted huge money from him, the Group’s CMD Sudipta Sen has alleged that he was forced to strike a deal worth Rs  42 crore with the wife of the Union Cabinet Minister from the Congress party.

Sen has explained that the Cabinet Minister’s wife, who is a noted advocate, had executed the deal for setting up of a television channel in Assam. The copy of the letter available with The Pioneer shows that Cabinet Minister’s wife was paid Rs  1 crore by Sen for preparing the agreement related to the takeover of a channel in North-East. The Chit Fund scamster says he paid all air fares and hotel bills of the Cabinet Minister’s wife as and when she landed in Kolkata for the past five years.

On page 10 of the letter, Sen writes that along with a television baroness, Manoranjana Sinh, from North-East, he went to the Chennai office of the lady advocate. Sen said Ms Sinh wanted him to buy her Positive Group and for that purpose that meeting took place.

He said that the wife of the Union Cabinet Minister, who was Ms Sinh’s advocate, requested him to sell out Rs  42 crore for setting up the TV channel and herself prepared the agreement.

Ms Sinh reportedly assured Sen that if the Cabinet Minister’s “family slightly stood by him” then he will wield great clout in India. He said that the Minister’s wife, without assessing his financial strength, put pressure on him to give out Rs  42 crore. “So far I remember, I have already paid Rs  25 crore to Ms Manoranjana Sinh in the name of company GNN India PVT Limited.” He also revealed spending nearly Rs  3 crore on travel expenses of Ms Sinh and members of her family.

In his letter, Sen has appealed that “one special officer must be appointed by any court and Manoranjana Sinh must return this amount so that small investors who invested money in his company should get return.”

Sinh has also named Manoranjana Sinh’s ex-husband Matang Sinh in his letter and alleged that he took Rs  28 crore for 50 per cent share of NE Bangala.

Sen said in the letter that recently through Rajesh Bajaj, a businessman of Guwahati, he negotiated with Matang Sinh and cancelled the agreement of shareholding. Sinh issued him post dated cheques of Rs  28 crore under the cancellation agreement, but they are lying with Rajesh Bajaj. Sen said that cheques should be recovered from Bajaj and handed over to a special officer and the money returned to investors of Assam.

This explosive letter was written by Sen on April 6 to CBI’s Anti-Corruption Bureau in Kolkata. The CBI unit had passed the letter to Bidhan Nagar (Salt Lake) Police Commissioner, say sources.

The Saradha group head also accused two TMC MPs of forcing him to acquire a regional news channel for Rs  24 crore and alleged that the MPs did not reveal that the company had a liability of Rs  6 crore. In return, he says, the two MPs offered to “protect” his business from the State and Central Governments.

On Page 15 of the letter, Sen reveals how he was forced to pay Rs  5 crore to the alleged agents of another Union Minister, when SEBI issued notice to him. The letter reveals that every month he paid around Rs  80 lakh to the agents as protection money for keeping the SEBI at bay. Sen’s explosive letter exposed that he was on the radar of SEBI for the past three years, which intriguingly took no action against him.

On Page 13, Sen also described his dealing with a Chennai based group, accused in the 2G scam. He says he purchased a shopping mall forRs  16 crores and TARA Group channels through this 2G Scam hit NRI business tycoon from Chennai.

In the letter, Sen speaks about payment made to 22 persons including two MPs from Bengal and Ministers from Assam for the protection of his chit fund business.



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One Response to Wondering why Nautanki Chor would be paid 42 Cr. unless it was a quid pro quo for a favour that Pucca did to Sudipto? Very Fishy! – Girish Podar

  1. Soma Visal says:

    One can now understand why Chidambaram was hell bend in ousting Pranab from Finance Ministry and himself occupying the Chair! Also, how and why the High Command paved the way for this paradise regained!! The gift for loyalty?

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