Karnataka BJP to ask for forgiveness of a cheating Christian tradition. In Hindu you suffer for your bad karma, no choice!

Karnataka polls: We will ask people for forgiveness, says BJP

Bangalore: The ruling BJP in Karnataka would seek “forgiveness” from the people for its lapses, Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar said on Saturday and asserted that the exit of former party strongman BS Yeddyurappa would not affect its electoral performance.

“Those who gave us a bad name have left the party,” he said and predicted that “it will be a surprise result (in favour of BJP).”

Jagadish Shettar. PTI

Jagadish Shettar. PTI

The Chief Minister said his party was not personality based but ideology oriented and will ask for another term in the 5 May assembly polls on the basis of its performance.

“We will appeal to the people to forgive us for our lapses. We will seek another opportunity by assuring the people of providing a spotless government”, said Shettar, who, the BJP says, would continue to be the chief minister in the event of the party returning to power.

He said no single person could claim to have contributed single handedly to the party’s growth in Karnataka. “BJP was not born yesterday. Individuals come and go at the state and national levels.”

Asked how the BJP would be able to shed the “corruption tag” as its rule was hit by several scandals, he said “those who gave us a bad name have left the party.”

Shettar told reporters that the governments headed by him and his predecessor D V Sadananda Gowda had provided scam-free administration with no graft charge against both of them.

Shettar said BJP was hopeful of securing a clear cut majority of 120 to 135 seats in the 224-member Assembly. “The election will be a straight fight between BJP and Congress and it will be a surprise result (in favour of BJP).”

BJP Karnataka unit President Prahlad Joshi said the party had not spared anyone facing corruption charge and “we have sacrificed people.”

He said senior party leader Arun Jaitley would come on frequent visits to Bangalore to guide the BJP’s electioneering and finetune its stragegy.




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2 Responses to Karnataka BJP to ask for forgiveness of a cheating Christian tradition. In Hindu you suffer for your bad karma, no choice!

  1. Raman says:

    Poor Shettar does not know the ground realities of K’taka.People are fed up with not only the inefficient BJP Govt but also not hopeful that it can in anyway deliver things.There are no civic amenities,huge dumping of garbage everywhere,roads are so conjested,pollution everywhere,no water,power though these two may be the case in many other states and all round corruption in all fields ,infighting within BJP for power and surely Yeddurappa has his own vote banks and can play spoilsport to BJP by dividing BJP votes which will benefit Congress.According to certain reports Congress will get absolute majority and BJP will lose as many as 60 to 70 seats.Don’t know under what conditions Shettar made this comment.His apology to people to give another chance to rectify the matters won’t wash out well with the people as they hv given already a chance which was denied to them for many years and now after so much bungling in all fields Shettar without shame wants to beg people to give another chance.Such a silly remark coming from BJP CM is not only laughable but ridiculous.BJP has to pay for its sins..No Central leaders can help in this matter as they know K’taka is a gone case and Congress is going to utilise their supposed victory to taunt BJP more and more.Stupid people.It is not sufficient to get power but must also know how to keep the same without losing.

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