Watch the best of Smrithi Irani, a woman we are so proud of!


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2 Responses to Watch the best of Smrithi Irani, a woman we are so proud of!

  1. Soma Visal says:

    I had been an ardent follower of Arnab and most of my views/comments were flashed on the screen during such debates. Of late why he is going on with the Modi subject only and that too with useless panellists such as JhaSanjay, Ygnik, Ketkar, also rans of the Congress parties? It is getting stale for the last ten days. I had expressed my displeasure through fb and tweets on the News Hour already. The media pushed Rahul like anything and miserably failed in its efforts of projecting him as a big leader and also gaining TRPs. Now is it the turn of Modi, who is already a great leader of deliverance to attain TRPs? No need for the media to project a National Choice!!

  2. Sir I feel India requires the likes of Smriti Irani to not only out shout the chamchas and hangers on in the congress party but With real depth of knowledge on the subject to counter lies and unfair criticism freely aired by channels like Times Now. Ganesh.

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