UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka: PM urged prepare copromise draft — Dr. Subramanian Swamy

March 12, 2013.

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,
President of the Janata Party.

According to my friends in the United States, the Sri Lankan Government has submitted an alternative draft Resolution for consideration and passage in the United Nations Human Rights Commission at Geneva. The UNHRC is likely to adopt on March 22nd a Resolution on the aftermath of the successful anti-terrorist military campaign launched by the Sri Lankan Government which led to the decimation of the LTTE. There were alleged human rights violation in the killing of civilians.

The United States has circulated a draft earlier which is submitted for circulation. Now Sri Lankan Government has submitted its own draft to the United States and to India. Hence every effort must be made for which a compromise draft which closes the gap acceptedly to all parties concerned is arrived at, and in the larger interest of peace and stability in the South Asian region.

I urge the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to immediately initiate steps to prepare a compromise draft that meets the main points of the drafts of the United States and Sri Lanka, so that compromise draft can be prepared and passed without a vote.
At this stage a unanimous or consensus Resolution will go a long way in promoting peace and security and for ensuring reconciliation and devolution of constitutional power in the island of Sri Lanka.



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2 Responses to UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka: PM urged prepare copromise draft — Dr. Subramanian Swamy

  1. Soma Visal says:

    Dr Swamy is very reasonable and correct in this. The so called Tamilian Dravidian parties are taking undue advantage of the Srilankan Tamils Issues to gain political mileage. In fact, these parties are doing more harm to the Srilankan Tamils than anything really good. If India votes against Srilanka now and get isolated in this region, China will make use of this situation to its advantage for sure.

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