Dalai Lama hits out at UPA, says corruption weakening India


Dala Lama: Corruption weakens India

Meerut, March 12: Now, it is the turn of Tibetan spiritual guru Dalai Lama to talk against large-scale corruption inflicting India. By bringing the issue of corruption and how it is weakening India, Dalai Lama has indirectly hit out at Congress-led UPA government during which tenure large number of corruption cases has come out into the fore-front. The Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on Monday said that corruption is India’s biggest problem and it is making the country weak. “Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed their lives for country’s independence but today politicians are misusing their powers. Common people are facing corruption in there daily life,” the Tibetan leader said. Addressing a function at a college in Ganganagar area here, he said that Naxalism is the country’s internal problem and it has stemmed out of government’s indifference. “The way adopted by Naxals may be wrong but their demands can not be totally set aside,” he said. On the contentious China-Tibet issue, Dalai Lama said, “It is not a question of winning or losing. Many Chinese thinkers and writers have raised voices against their government’s policies.” “India has not only given asylum to people who came from Tibet but also gave respect to Buddhism,” he added. The spiritual leader praised India and said that it is the only country where people from various religions and sects live together. However, he condemned social evils like caste system and dowry.


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One Response to Dalai Lama hits out at UPA, says corruption weakening India

  1. BAPTY.S says:

    Nice to hear shri dalai lama speak fearlessly on CORRUPTION WHICH IS CORRODING INDIA VERY FAST.

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