India’s corrupt judiciary does nothing to render justice. Over 3 Crore Cases Pending in Courts

Over three crore cases are pending in various courts across the country and this “unacceptable level” can be reduced by appointment of more judges and modernisation, Law Minister Ashwani Kumar said today.

“Without doubt, it is true that a large number of cases are pending in courts. The number is over three crore. This is a matter of deep concern. This situation needs to be addressed. The unacceptable level should be reduced,” he said in the Lok Sabha during Question Hour.

Kumar admitted that the present process of appointment of judges has not proved to be adequate and there was a need to relook and revisit the entire judicial system.

He claimed that several steps were being taken to deal with this challenge, including expediting the appointment of judges, establishment of e-courts, computerisation of court records, fast track courts and other administrative mechanisms.

The minister said all the high courts and about 11,000 lower courts have been computerised.

“A silver lining has been that the Supreme Court has disposed of a large number of cases,” Kumar said, adding that 66,569 cases were pending in the apex court as on January 31, 2013. Of these, 21,862 matters are up to one year old and are thus not arrears.

He said the government does not have a say in appointment of Supreme Court and the High Court judges as the Chief Justice of India and the Chief Justice of the concerned High Court respectively decide on the matter.


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