Endless rape of innocents continue under Congi Dickshit’s atrocious rule in the capital.

NEW DELHI: A seven-year-old girl was raped at a government school in Mangolpuri area of northwest Delhi on Thursday afternoon.

The school is run by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

The girl was found in an injured condition inside the school and later taken to a hospital. The victim’s parents informed the police about the incident on Friday morning after doctors confirmed sexual assault. The girl’s private parts are partially damaged, a police officer said.

The police have registered a case of rape and are questioning school staff and have detained the school guard.

The people in the area were outraged with the incident and created ruckus in the area protesting against police inaction.



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One Response to Endless rape of innocents continue under Congi Dickshit’s atrocious rule in the capital.

  1. Raman says:

    Of late Delhi has become the capital of rapists and looters of all types.Perhaps this may be an immediate effect of the announcement of Nirbhaya Fund by Chidambaram to get votes.Really shameful.Chidambaram thinks by such stupid schemes he can buy the votes of women or create sympathy for Congress in his foolish thought.Nothing of the sort is going to happen and day by day this crime is going to increase only as people are not afraid of law or lost morality under this looting regime and now babies of 5,7,8,10 have become the targets of rape even in school bus by the
    conductor. in school by the teachers and young students, in autos etc and the whole system has become absolutely polluted and the inefficient police could solve anything in the absence of strong laws and the will to execute the same speedily by our stupid courts and the poor parents have to spend sleepless nights abt sendijng the girl students even to schools.What a mess the country os facing.When the capital is like that what will be the position of other places of the country? Let Shinde and Sonia answer.

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