Ram Setu Issue Rocks Rajya Sabha


The issue of Ram Setu rocked Rajya Sabha today with BJP asking the government to withdraw its affidavit given in court on plans to dismantle it, leading to acrimonious exchanges and consequent adjournment of the House.

The House witnessed uproarious scenes on the issue, with BJP and the government trading charges, accusing each other of playing politics and not having faith in God, as DMK and AIADMK members joined in.

As BJP and the treasury benches traded charges against each other, E M S Natchiappan, who was in the Chair, adjourned the House till 2 PM amid acrimonious scenes.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, Prakash Javadekar (BJP) asked the government to withdraw its affidavit given in court on its decision to dismantle the structure and said they will not allow this to happen.

He also asked the government to agree to recommendations of the Pachauri expert committee’s suggestion for a different alignment without dismantling the Ram Setu structure, to which the government is not agreeing.

BJP members stood up after Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Shukla accused the party of playing politics on the issue for votes and later trooped into the Well raising slogans for taking back the affidavit given by the Centre.

“Affidavit wapas lo, wapas lo,” (Take back the affidavit), they chanted even as AIADMK and DMK also raised slogans leading to the adjournment of the House.

Javadekar accused government of not being concerned about public and religious sentiments as also of preserving ancient heritage and demanded withdrawal of the affidavit.

He warned that an agitation would be launched if the government did not do so.


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2 Responses to Ram Setu Issue Rocks Rajya Sabha

  1. Unless Hindus take up issue seriously Hinu culture may disappear. Why the Hindus not raising to the occation. Forget the differences and unite get a party that safe guards the interest of of Hindus at least innsavingntheir fath.

  2. Of late,in the Supreme Court of India, this UPA govt. has been unashamedly saying that they will proceed with the Ramsethu project much against the report fro Pachauri Committee scientific report which Manmohan Singh should have gracefully accepted. First they did keep mum asking the Supreme Court itself could find answer to the court’s question. Now, the UPA disregard the majortiy HIndu community’s religious sentiments. What Consititution ,they are swearing which is without ‘dharma’ and only inscribed with word ‘ secular’ which has not only been sensible but also ambiguous and nonsensical? . Not honouring the sentiments of majority community is indeed defiance of the Constitutional principle, which this dispensation must be cautioned .The negation of consideraion of the religious landmark such as great as this great Ramsethu which is described in the epic Ramayana and also petitioned appropriately by,the Acharya Sabha,consisting the learned Hindu scholars is insult to this nationhood, While Srilanka consider the spot places ‘Ashokvan’ in their land giving emphasis and importance to epic Ramayana and honoured the age-old tradition of preserving the historic and archeoligical monuments with dignity and building the places worthy of worship , the destroyers of culture like this Congress, had been digging its own grave.here! The Supreme Court should pronounce a verdict frankly and fearlessly.

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