Uttar Pradesh: SP MLA’s Son Assaults Woman Lecturer Of Amity University


Though a FIR was lodged at the Chinhat police station, the police are yet to take any action and are investigating into the complaint


Lucknow, February 22: In a blatant display of the arrogance of political power, Abhinav Gupta, son of the brother-in-law of the Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, assaulted his teacher in Amity University on 21 February. Abhinav a student of LL. B in the university slapped the Lecturer Archana Shukla, as she had dared to deduct marks due to his poor attendance in classes.

Though a FIR was lodged at the Chinhat police station, the police are yet to take any action and are investigating into the complaint. Meanwhile, Abhinav has been suspended from the University.

Pramod Gupta, father of Abhinav, is the Samajwadi Party MLA from Bidhuna assembly seat in Auraiya district, close to Etawah, the home district of the Yadav clan headed by Mulayam Singh Yadav. Kalpana, the wife of Pramod Gupta, is the younger sister of Sadhna, wife of Mulayam Singh Yadav.

After the incident in the University, Archana Shukla went to the Chinhat police station to lodge the FIR. As soon as inspector Vijay Mal Singh Yadav learnt that the complaint is against the son of the Samajwadi Party MLA, linked to the first family of the ruling party, he fled the police station. The FIR was only lodged in the late hours of Thursday when Anuraag Shukla, high court lawyer and husband of Archana Shukla, approached senior police officers.

At the time of the incident on Thursday morning Archana Shukla was busy in her lecture. Abhinav barged into the class room and hurled filthy abuses at her. When she protested and asked him to leave the class room, he slapped her in full view of the students of the LLB. Hearing commotion the teachers and students rushed to that classroom and asked Abhinav to leave the place. Archana later bolted the classroom from inside. After a few minutes as soon she came out of the class room Abhinav, who was standing nearby reportedly chased her. A student eye witness of the incident said Archana Shukla took refuge in the staff room where her colleagues saved her.

As soon as the teachers and students came to know of the incident they protested and demanded action against Abhinav. The University administration suspended the student from the University and ordered an enquiry into the incident.

Ashutosh Chaube, spokesperson of the Amity University, conforming that Abhinav had been suspended from the university said “a three member committee, headed by Manju Agarwal, has been constituted to enquire into the matter and the committee is likely to submit its report by Friday evening to Pro VC Maj Gen (retd) KK Ohri.” He added “he will submit his report on the findings of the committee to the Vice Chancellor of the University Maj Gen (retd) KJ Singh, who is based at NOIDA.”

Defending the action by the Lecturer against Abhinav he said “Abhinav behaves more like a politician then a student and is known for indulging in indiscipline in the campus and remaining absent from the classes for long period without any information. In 2012, he did not turn up for over a month as he was busy in the election campaign of his father in Auraiya district.”


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2 Responses to Uttar Pradesh: SP MLA’s Son Assaults Woman Lecturer Of Amity University

  1. beegee says:

    what else u can expect from goons in the guise of a student

  2. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    Had I been in the place of the teacher in question I would have broken the limbs of the bastard who had qualified as politician than a student. The third rated beggars why they come to educational institutions than a full fledged rowdies

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