HP, Baba Ramdev brace for a showdown


Published: Friday, Feb 22, 2013, 4:00 IST
By Ajay Bhardwaj | Place: Chandigarh | Agency: DNA

Within months of its installation the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh is poised for a fierce confrontation with Baba Ramdev after it cancelled the lease of 28 acres of land on which he has already constructed a two-storey ayurveda hospital and a yoga centre.

The trust of Baba Ramdev was granted the land by the BJP government in 2010 in Solan districtfor Rs 17 lakhs and annual token charge of Re one per annum. The piece of land belonged to the erstwhile Maharaja of Patiala, which was handed over to the Himachal Pradesh government in 1966, where a holiday home was being run..

Baba Ramdev is scheduled to inaugurate the centre on February 27. He is expected to arrive at the place a day earlier. There have been reports that the Himachal Pradesh government might bar Baba Ramdev from entering the state even as his supporters have been bracing up for a confrontation with the government in Solan.

Revenue minister Kaul Singh said the state cabinet decided to cancel the lease since it had been done in violation of the state revenue rules. He said the lease deed papers had been signed by Baba Ramdev’s aide Acharya Balkrishan, who is a Nepali reident.

He said the deputy commissioner, Solan, had been asked to initiate proceedings against the Baba Ramdev trust and take possession of the property before it was formally inaugurated.

Supporters of Baba Ramdev said they proposed to move the state high court as the state government’s decision was “solely politically-motivated”. In a statement on Thursday they said chief minister Virbhadra Singh was trying to placate his political mentors in Delhi by sscuttling the project of Baba Ramdev. ” But we would not let that happen”, siad the stattement.




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2 Responses to HP, Baba Ramdev brace for a showdown

  1. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    It shows the corrupt sonia congis how deep they are to fasten their tongue to lick her foot rather than the dispensation of Indian art of yoga and ayurvedic let the rest aside. Why not the same yardstick applied for the properties of both Vadra and Raul earned? A sheer dichotomy

  2. Demonic India is showing up it’s ugly head. BABA is the bane of western medicine. Fully knowing the oriental mediciness are effective and fearing domination like YOGA which has entered the mind of the west they have taken the help of the empress to ruin the system. The slavish followers are just obeying the orders prostratingly. Read naturalnews, to know the fate of antibiotics in USA, published in USA.

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