Katju vs Lekhi: PCI chief remains defiant, tells Jaitley to quit politics


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2 Responses to Katju vs Lekhi: PCI chief remains defiant, tells Jaitley to quit politics

  1. Raman says:

    Meenakshi brilliantly countered the points of Katju who was cornered by her very nicely with facts and figures.Justice Katju was dumb found and could not argue with Meenakshi except repeating some old stories .He is a stupid judge and as Arun Jaitley rightly poited out working for Congress so that he may get a bigger plum post before the elections by Congress if he acts as a propaganda secretary of
    Congress.In the end he gave a compliment to Meenakshi that even if BJP boycot him Meenaklshi won’t as he liked her beautiful smile to soothen her strong arguments against him.His defence was simply demolished by Meenakshi and she stole the thunder of the show.Even when he was a SC judge he gave a verdict in favour of anaccused in a rape case by acquitting him and asking him to pay 50000 to the family of the girl who was raped and murdered by the culprit.Wonder what type of a SC judge he was when he was sitting in the bench.Except one or two judgments all hios judgments shuld be gone thru whether he had applied his mind at any time as he is a psychic and his only target is to attack Modi and BJP.Unfit for any post.He shuld be tested for his mental balance and says he has attacked Congress also in the case of arrest of grils in a face book case in Maharashtra and in HP but that is his duty as PCI Chairman to keep the freedom of speech and he can’t make any poliktical speech against Modi and criticise his Govt.He has to quit his job and attack of he wants and by sitting as the Chairman of PCI can’;t say he made the comment as a citizen of India.Stupid argument which all in key posts can say.He is unfit for any job.The same argument everybody says whenever some controversial comment comes from somebody that nit is his personal view and not that of the party.Then for what purpose the spokespersons comment.Which is to be taken as person and which is for the party? Absolutely idiotic.

  2. Raman says:

    Janamejayans new outlook of its site looks very nice.Liked very much.Congrats.

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