Can an individual with this kind of track record in making public comments, unmindful of the office he is holding,  be considered fit to hold any Office leave alone a statutory one at that ?

2nd June 2011 (while still a Judge in the Supreme Court ) – writes a 2 part Op-Ed  in The Hindu on Journalistic Ethics  Part 1 and Part 2 (naked lobbying for PCI job ?)

18th April 2011 (while still a Judge in the Supreme Court) – alleged that history was deliberately distorted to show Muslim rulers as bigoted and intolerant

17th June 2011 (while still a Judge in the Supreme Court) –  Lobbies on behalf of a Pakistani Convict

30th October 2011 – “Media is deliberately dividing people

03 December 2011 – threatens criminal proceedings against Police and Paramilitary forces

6th January 2012 – “Sachin Tendulkar is only a good cricketer; he’s not socially relevant

24th February 2012 – Lead Editorial in Indian Express admonishing him for threatening to sack an elected government

18th April 2012 – “Coalition Governments are weak

20th December 2012 – “Bharat Ratna to Cricketers and filmstarts mockery of the award

8th December 2012 – “90% of Indians are idiots

21 January 2013 – “90% of Indians vote on caste lines

6th February 2013 – “Pakistan is a fake country



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A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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