Now Suryanelli Rape Case’s Only Convict Says Kurien Did It, who was the only person convicted in the case, told Mathrubhumi new channel that he took Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Professor PJ Kurien in his ambassador car to the girl

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Thiruvananthapuram, 10 Feb: In a shocking revelation that might seal the fate of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Professor PJ Kurien, Advocate Dharmarajan who was convicted in Suryanlli rape case has revealed that Kurien had visited the girl in Kumily panchayat rest house on the evening of  19 February 1996.

Dharmarajan who went hiding after getting parole, is now living in Madikeri in Karnataka. He is the only person who was convicted by the High Court of Kerala. The 16-year-old girl was under his custody for 40 days and was raped by 41 persons .

Dharmarajan told Mathrubhumi new channel that Kurien came to Kumily and he took him in his ambassador car to the girl.

“I’ve told everything to DIG Siby Mathews when he interrogated me. But he told me not to tell Kurien’s name. Now I’m telling the truth as I feel sorry for the girl. I’d suffered enough. I don’t care what happens to me. But truth should come out. Now the whole world thinks as if I were a devil. I never invited Kurien to visit Kumily and offered the girl . He came there after Jacob Stephen , another Congress leader informed him about the girl in my custody . And Jacob Stephen was accused in Suryanelli rape case but acquitted by the High Court,” Dharmarajan revealed .

With this revelation, the Suryanelli case has taken new turn. The victim had earlier identified PJ Kurien and filed a private complaint against him. But three high level police investigations exonerated Kurien from the case based on the alibis he had provided to the investigation team .

Dharmarajan’s revelations sent shock waves across Kerala. On Saturday, retired High Court Judge R Basant remarked that the victim of Suryanelli rape case was a person of loose character and defended his acquittal.



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2 Responses to Now Suryanelli Rape Case’s Only Convict Says Kurien Did It

  1. beegee says:

    arrest the culprit, why he should escape the long arm of the law

  2. Raman says:

    P J Kurien is a pucca womaniser and likes to hv sex relationship with young girls and so there is nothing surprising in this.He is well defended by Antony as they are in the same Group as there are twp groups in Congress in Kerala.He is made the Deputy speaker thru the influence of Antony on Sonia.There is much anger in Kerala and his issue is rocking in assembly and on streets.Now he looks a pale person.All these could be possible becoz of the notorious top cop Sibi Mathew who played a vital part and he never allowed Kurien to be paraded before the victim though she correctly identified all others.The victim is cocksure of his involvement.However he escaped becoz of the judgment of Basant who wrote some stupid order along with Gafoor and also questioned the wisdom of SC in nullifying his verdict along with another judge thereby casting aspersions on SC Basant is a corrupt judge and becoz of his verdict all the accused were set free except Dharmarajan.Basant has the protection of Antony and now a practicing lawyer in SC after retirement from HC and has got many Govt cases to handle and his son has been given a very high post thru the influence of Kurien and he cheaply talked abt the victim thereby degrading his status of a Judge of the HC.Many legal people hv criticised him for his comments on the girl and even Justice Krishna Iyer expressed his anguish and asked him to tender apology to the people publicly.Now Dharamarajan has revealed the truth and many statements of the witnesses were suppressed by Siby Mathew and only a statement of one Vijayan was taken into account to get Kurien exonerated.Now Vijayan also turned against Kurien.The whole thing is in a mess.BJP is not interested in the case firstly it is not a force in Kerala and even if it protests it won’t gain much and also Kurien was defended by Arun Jaitley in the courts and this will put BJP in a dilemma.Kurien is also famous for having connection with many nurses in Delhi and Kerala for his sexapades.A dirty fellow he shuld be sacked from RS and the least the people expect him is to be out of his post of Dy Speaker. as when the ordinance of the rape cases come how can he preside over in the chair during discussion when he himself is a party?So to be seen how things unfold.

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