Chief Prosecutor Colluded With 2G Accused: CBI

CBI has removed a public prosecutor from the 2G spectrum case after he was allegedly caught in a taped conversation discussing prosecution strategy with one of the high-profile accused Sanjay Chandra, Managing Director of Unitech.

CNN-IBN channel tonight played the audio tape of the purported conversation between A K Singh, the CBI prosecutor and Chandra in which Singh purportedly suggests how a key prosecution witness would depose in the special court hearing the 2G case.

The suspected voice on the tape, said to been recorded in September last year, is also even detailing a three-judge Supreme Court judgement which could be used as a reference in the legal strategy.

CBI said tonight that Singh has been removed from the 2G case trial’s prosecution team and a Preliminary Enquiry has been registered to verify these allegations.

The court has been informed about the developments, the spokesperson said, adding another prosecutor has been appointed to the team to assist in the ongoing trial.

“The CBI maintains strict vigilance over its officers and the prosecution and no instance of professional misconduct is taken lightly,” the CBI said in a statement.

A PE has been registered and both Singh and Chandra four days ago and both of them were questioned in the CBI headquarters today in connection with the case.

In its reaction, Unitech rejected the allegations saying Chandra has never met the prosecutor in the 2G case outside the court or had any phone conversation with him.

Unitech denied that Chandra’s voice was on any alleged recording and said it appeared a fabricated voice recording had been sent anonymously to CBI.

“It is nothing but an attempt to malign him and prejudice his defence in the 2G case,” the Unitech statement said.

CBI Director Ranjit Sinha said since the prosecutor has come under a cloud, he has been transferred from the case. Unless the inquiry is completed, CBI cannot take action against Singh, he said.

Sinha said while he cannot confirm the genuineness of the tape, prima facie it appeared to be true. But only a forensic examination would give the correct picture, he said.

The CBI Director also ruled out the case being compromised and said a “trivial aberration” by one person cannot compromise the “honesty and integrity” of the investigation agency.


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One Response to Chief Prosecutor Colluded With 2G Accused: CBI

  1. Raman says:

    The CBI Director is taking moral ground.Though it is appreciable action is taken against the Prosecutor and also SC,CVC,Law Ministry all informed still CBI is under the influence of the Congress.Why it has not so far taken the caswe of Maran,Anil Ambani and many others who form a good portion of the loot that was made.As the whole direction is given by the top Congress miniters and Sonia nothing much can be expected from this case which may drag on for another two years at thetrial stage and to getb the verdict and by that time the main judge Singhvi will get retired in Dec this year and some small fries will be taken to task.Further appeals are there and so at least another 15 years will take even for the SC monitoring case.It is not known what the SC is doing actually?Are they supervising or sleeping?Of late even Singhvi has lost interest in the case and may be eyeing for a plum post after retirement like other judges who are abt to retire are looking.The whole thing is a sham and in India anything can happen.Then what abt the coal scam,airport scam,AI purchase scam, and several others all cases are sleeping and the beneficiaries are politicians,ministers,corporates and middlemen and even judges..Poor will always will remain poor ans they are used only for getting votes by throwing some money at the time of elections.When will our country improve?

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