70 Lashkar informers tailing Indian army


The recent killing of two Indian army jawans exposed the manner in which the ISI, Pakistan army and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba worked in tandem against India. While the Intelligence Bureau and also the military intelligence have proof of this modus operandi the bigger worry continues to be the growing number of facilitators that have infiltrated into the Kashmir valley.

Currently according to a report by the Intelligence Bureau, there are at least 70 persons working on the border areas who facilitate infiltrations into India. Not only do these persons help Lashkar operatives cross over into India, but also provide with crucial logistics about the Indian army. These persons provide crucial details about the movement of the Indian forces which not only helps the Lashkar but also the Pakistan army make its moves.

For the recent operation, the Lashkar had hired a person by the name Ismail Langda to carry out this operation and he was paid a sum of Rs 5 lakh for the same. An intelligence bureau report states that these persons who are hired for the job are locals and their job is to provide information on the security agencies in India. They are hired on a salary of Rs 40000 per month and a special amount is paid on successful completion of an operation.

They are first chosen by head hunters of these terrorist groups and later sent to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan where they undergo training. For the first couple of months of being sent into the operation, they just settle into the place and get themselves acclimatised with the areas and also the operations of the Indian forces. They are strictly informed not to use telephones or emails to communicate information. All the information that is passed on is through word of mouth for which they have a fixed set of moles, the report states.

The report further states that among the 70 odd persons hired for the job, there are some who gather information while others just help with the infiltration. However for the Lashkar and the ISI, the more crucial role is played by the informers based on which they decide on sending in their forces.

The report further explains the manner in which these persons work. It states that the entire operation commences in Pakistan with the ISI directing the Lashkar to commence the infiltration process. There are camps in Pakistan which are frequented by Lashkar and ISI operatives who then draw out the plan. The decision to infiltrate is taken only once the informer provides all details regarding the situation, the movement of the Indian security forces.

Following this there are porters who are brought into the picture to help these infiltrators carry arms and these persons are aided by the ISI guides who help a safe cross over. Prior to the cross over a motivational speech is delivered by the head of the Lashkar, the intelligence report also states.

The report further states that most of these persons who aide the Lashkar often act as double agents and even the military intelligence would suggest that a thorough check ought to be kept on the same. It becomes extremely difficult for the agencies to ascertain the credentials of each and every persons since most of the persons who have been appointed for the role are locals of India.


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One Response to 70 Lashkar informers tailing Indian army

  1. Varadarajan Seshamani says:

    While it is sad that Pakistan is doing this, it also goes to show that the Indian Agencies have to be more professional, alert and proactive. They should keep track of people and things across the border and within our border. This, I believe, is their job and they should do it speedily and actively.

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