Muslim hoodlums burn Indian flag in Hyderabad

Today, certain MIM supporters have insulted our tri-colour by burning it with petrol. This happened at Municipal ground in my constituency.

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9:50 AM – 26 Jan 13
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  1. @kishanreddybjp Thus this insult is confirmed. Indian national Tri-colcour burnt by RoP followers

  2. @kishanreddybjp Is the news about a bus being locked and burnt (a few days ago) by MIM supporters also true ?

  3. @kishanreddybjp Or just tweeting it fulfill your duty and rest supporters will do tomorrow after taking sound sleep tonight.

  4. @kishanreddybjp and you did nothing, shame on You ..

  5. @VCPAREEK Please do not make allegations without knowing the truth. Ask anyone in that locality and they’ll tell you what I have done.

  6. @kishanreddybjp Sir, I want to know what action you initiated in this case till 1138 PM? My qus are not allegations.

  7. @VCPAREEK I spoke to the locals, gathered info on the culprits, spoke to the Joint Commissioner, met the Home Minister and following up.

  8. @kishanreddybjp So what hv u done to stop it or punish the MIM traitors, Bhajpai MLA? Tweeting ONLY or hv u lodged an FIR against the worms?

  9. @kishanreddybjp You have strong ground to lodge an FIR. Dont spare the bastards. Lodge it tonight only

  10. @VCPAREEK It was done within 2 hours after the incident.


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2 Responses to Muslim hoodlums burn Indian flag in Hyderabad

  1. dhiraj says:

    Basterd.mims and indian politics…. in india…these basterd burn indian flag…..out of them or punished by government…. but our Congress isn’t do it….bhai 2014 jaruri h…. but 80% to khilaf he…14% ke bhediye kharidkar kya karoge…keep proud to be Indian.jai hind.

  2. Amitbishnoi says:

    same on India govt tat they dint do anything

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