On the most shameless PM of India

Mullah Nasiruddin (@mullaNasiruddin)

Posted Tuesday 15th January 2013 from Twitlonger

Lets look at the issue calmly
Why “Bowing to public anger”? The PM should have been the FIRST PERSON to rise in anger and defence and not sleep while he has this habit of “losing sleep” only when a jihadi’s brother was arrested in Australia. We have NEVER seen a sleepless PM when the Nation is under attack or when the Nation was being humiliated. No loss of sleep when Hindus were being raped and murdered in Pakistan too. Why? We had a Prime Minister who at Sharm-al-sheik brought ‘shararam’ to the Nation by equating terrorist attacks to retaliation by patriots fed up when the Government was solely on “appeasement mode” in pursuit of Nobel prize probably . A Prime Minister, who, in his mule-headed pursuit of “peace in our time” like approach (reminiscent of Chamberlain’s speech in 1938), gave away our moral position. The poor ex-babu was thinking that this way Pakistan would be grateful and in one fell swoop target the slowly coalescing majority unity also. He miserably failed and many soldiers have lost their lives because of this. Maybe for him it is just collateral damage. He is a worthy successor to Gujral, who also, in his mule-headed pursuit of peace, dismantled and destroyed our intelligence assets in Pakistan thus hamstrung us preventing having assets to retaliate.
We have a Congress President who cried after Batla House encounter. We do not see any tears for Hemraj and other patriotic WARRIORS here. Nary a peep!! Why? Why is the NATIONAL interest being subjugated to petty political interests?
Are these not because of the mule-headed “vote bank” policy and the anti-Hindu “social engineering” that went on for 65 years? The authors of these policies, long dead, and who have been blindly followed by successors failed to see the danger to the Nation in the long run. As a true secular, I see these policies, while giving short term electoral gains to the ruling dispensation, was slowly but surely polarising the Nation. Thus destroying the Congress party in the long run. The religious beliefs (secretly held) by the powers that be blindsided the dangers. The brainwashed generation thought it was “cool”. They did not see the sand eroding from under their feet. They still do not see or are paralysed because they do not know what to do to stem the rot. No REAL leaders were allowed to come up. Result? We now have no leaders worth the name in Congress. What we have anyone can see and assess.
Now where are we, the minority to which undue benefits in the form of a slow, sweet poison were being served, is turning away from the ruling dispensation? The poison prevented the main minority from being able to progress, stand shoulder to shoulder with the majority and created a sense of misplaced ‘entitlement” in them that is alienating it from the National discourse. This caused majority resentment that’s now coalescing slowly but surely. The short term gains are disappearing.
Modi may come in 2014 that’s a distinct possibility. IF it happens that too is NOT good for the democracy because I fear that he will decimate opposition and challenge. That’s his style. A one party rule is NOT democracy. But then what choices have we? Maybe we have to go through this to reach a more vibrant two party democracy. We need to dissolve all one man parties and regional parties. Then we will have true democracy and then we may reach our rightful place in the comity of nations. I pray indeed.
I have been away too long. But I am confused as to whom to vote for. Modi is a distinct possibility despite the dangers. In fact the only possibility!!
Pakistan is in internal chaos. The army is putting forth a rabid mullah as a proxy just before election. See YouTube for his true nature.
The present dispensation is playing along in the hope of using Pakistan to cling to the job but the poor mumbling babu is being misled. It is a clear case of Peter Principle “sooner or later everyone reaches his level of incompetence”. Just like the mumbling babu’s brilliance in equating terrorism and creating a “Hindu terror” for Pakistan to hide behind, the use of the present crisis also will be a failure to causing irreparable loss to the nation and many families whose bread winners will be “sacrificed” in the alter of over vaulting foolish ambition.
The present dispensation has done enough damage to the Nation that will take decades to repair. The shameless corruption, looting and mismanagement sadden me beyond words. I pray for the welfare of my country and it recovers from these dark days.
Jai Hind.


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  1. Wrong title. It shd have been “On the most shameless PM of India”

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