Our @ShivsBharat reports about Dhule riots. How it started ?


  1. #DhuleRiots A Muslim guy denied to pay the bill to hotel owner. Both quarreled and Hotel owner thrashed him outside the shop. 1/n
  2. #DhuleRiots then that guy came with 30-40 other youths to beat Hotel owner with Lathi-Danda etc. They turned it into violence. 2/n
  3. #DhuleRiots Hotel owner called police(right done by Hindu) police at 1st sight found Mulla’s violent gathering to outside the hotel. 3/n
  4. #DhuleRiots Police warned them to disperse ASAP but fanatic madasraa guys wanted to beat(read kill) hotel owner as why he asked for bill 4/n
  5. #DhuleRiots Finally police opened lathi-charge on mullah gathering but had no impact. last option police had to fire to prevent further 5/n
  6. #DhuleRiots 2 on the spot died then rush started disperse and police saved other innocents who hide in their shops due to Mullahs. 6/n
  7. #DhuleRiots 2 also injured and says that they also died in night itself. by morning police ensured peace in town. 20 arrests made 7/n
  8. #DhuleRiots Special team of police checking how this small incident turned into organised violence nd how 1 guy can gather 40 ppl in min 8/n
  9. #DhuleRiots Police initially concluding that speeches by Muslims leader violent city youths. Leaders ensure to protect if they do violence.

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2 Responses to Our @ShivsBharat reports about Dhule riots. How it started ?

  1. Raman says:

    Excellent tweets by Shiv Bharat of the chronology of events that led to the violence in Dhule.It is amazing that the muslim fellow refused to pay the bill for what he ate and in the process got thrashed by the owner and immediately he was able to gather some 40 anti social muslim elements to hv a violence and the police had to intervene and firing at the crowd which killed 4 as per the latest report and more than 100 injured.It is absolutely ridiculous that muslim means they hv got all the fredom -they can eat,see films, loot,steal etc etc all for free?In which country such things happen?Even in Islamic countries such a thing can’t happen.How it comes?Becoz the muslims know this Congress Govt is spineless and want their votes and whatever they do they will accept and won’t take any action as the Congress fear they will lose the muslim votes if they act against them.Since such a mentality has been created such things are bound to happen everywhere and the poor people will be taken for a ride by the muslims.Only way is peple who are hindus shuld rise to the occasin and fight.Let there be another freedom struggle.The same case with Pakistan pleasing.Even if our brave jawans are killed India can only protest which are rebutted by Pakistan as mere propoganda.As Pakistan knows this eunuch Govt will not take any action against Pakistan becoz of muslims votes they will now and then kill our jawans and India will register another potest which Pak will deny.This musical chair game will go on unless this stupid,spineless Govt is thrown out.

  2. vikram says:

    who brought this enuch goverment into power? you people…
    Increase your population to counteract mindless icreasing poulation( reject population control)
    dont rent property to muslims
    dont sell property to muslims…even if u r in loss
    report illegal encroachment/colonies/construction by muslims
    teach your children that their biggest enemy is islam…
    dont vote for muslims
    ask them to reconvert

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