Now Sagarika Ghose, CNN-IBN blames Social media for Dhule riots.

  1. Now read the tweets of Mrs Sagarika Ghose, how she reports it… First she ensured that people know the person who died is from minority community and police is the culprit…
  2. Dhule riots: 24 year old Yunus paralysed after injuries in police firing, 4 other youths dead. Silence in social media?
  3. Then she shifts the blame to social media, and she is targeting Internet Hindus for the riots happened in Dhule
  4. Dhule riots: while we spread religious tensions on the net, on the ground lives are lost because of it. Zero tolerance for bigotry on net!
  5. Again instigating Muslims by spreading victim hood campaign ?
  6. Dhule riots: dy tehsildar believes police shot his son in cold…
  7. Again blames all others, but congress party who is in power in Maharashtra. Imagine the hullaboo if this occurred in a BJP ruled state….
  8. In a country where communal riots continue to lead to loss of life, we must be careful NOT to promote religious divisions in public spaces.

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2 Responses to Now Sagarika Ghose, CNN-IBN blames Social media for Dhule riots.

  1. Raman says:

    Don’t know whether Sagarika is her real name and also whether she is a hindu.She is always on the side of muslims may be selected by Congress to spread hatred between the two communities and to increase the viewrship.She is worse than a street pros and behaves always like that.She and that bitch Barkha spent so much time in Gujerat canvassing votes for Congress by wooing the muslism votes by anyway and wanted to see Modi is defeated somehow.CNN ,TN,NDTV all were flashing news after news, debate after debates of the imaginary atrocities committed by the Modi Govt in Gujerat.They were aided by the so called pros activists Teesta,Shabana and others in attacking Modi in debates with the aid of that stupid fellows Vinod Sharma,V Mehta and other BJP haters.But they did not understand that Modi was more than a match for them and when he could even at the height of anti Modi sentiments win in 2002, 2007 how can these stupid braggarts expect he would lose.Now absolute silence and Congress lost crores by encouraging these people to attack Modi.People of Gujerat are more wise than the people of UP and they simply rejected Congress.Only Chidambaram , undoubtedly a stupid cunning fellow boasts that they were able to contain Modi to less than 117 seats and so the victory of Modi is that of Congress.Who gave him the position of HM,FM etc.That Italaian bar maid.So his brain also will work like that.Modi has proved that he can defeat sngle handedly all these worms like Congress and its chamcha medias and activists as he is confident of the faith of the people of Gujerat in him.No wonder even a sizeable chunk of votes came from muslims also as they don’t hv any problem for the last 10 years under Modi Govt.Stupid Sagarka don’t know what she talks and not knowing the facts.

  2. PRADEEP says:

    Really can’t help it, because DTD is at its dirtiest.

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