HC security in-charge held on rape charge


The Ahmedabad Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) Tuesday detained a police inspector for allegedly raping a 37-year-old woman and extorting Rs 50,000 from her. The inspector, F M Qureshi, was posted at the Gujarat High Court as security in-charge.

The complainant, who belongs to Dehradun, is accused in an abetment to suicide case. She was booked under Section 306 of the IPC after a Colonel posted at Bhuj committed suicide a few years ago.

According to the FIR lodged with the women police station, she came in contact with Qureshi during hearing of the case at the HC in 2011. She stated that initially Qureshi discussed the case with her and promised to help her claiming he knew some good lawyers.

He later accompanied her to Bhuj claiming he wanted to understand the case to be able to help her. They stayed at a hotel and later Qureshi allegedly promised to marry her, police said. He allegedly took her to various hotels in Ahmedabad and Kutch between November 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012 where he “forced himself on her”, stated the FIR.

JCP (Crime) Arun Sharma said, “The woman had a relationship with a Colonel at Bhuj, who committed suicide. In Ahmedabad, she was looking for help, which she got from Qureshi. It has been found that he raped her and also took Rs 50,000 from her on the pretext of helping her.”

A few months ago, Qureshi had lodged a complaint against this woman with the Sola police station, claiming she was blackmailing him.




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One Response to HC security in-charge held on rape charge

  1. Raman says:

    Not a new thing.Everywhere the police are like that.They raid hotels in the night and catch some women with their companions on flesh trade.They take them to the station.Then in the night the Sub Inspector and others satisfy their carnal desires frolm the girls arrested by threatening them that they will be booked again and again.Next day they take them to courts which impose a small fine and release them and this story continues.Here the Cop utilised the opportunity of having the girls’s weakness for getting a lawyer and utilised the opportunity to molest her and also extract the money she possessed.That is the reason many rape victims are afraid of going to the police station as they hv to agree to the Inspectors demand to hv relationship with him first or else they will frame fresh charges against them.The poor woman in distress has to agree.So nothing is going to change in India.Even this so called in camera hearing in the Delhi rape case without leaking anything to media is only an eye wash as nobody knows what is going on inside the court and in the end the culprits if they are real will come out scotfree or with little punishment making fool of the lakhs of students and others who fought for the poor girl who lost her life brutally.India will not improve.Uless the Itlaian bitch is thrown out no relief for anybody and unless one has a strong Govt with spine nothing is goiung to change for decades.Or people must rise in revolt like muslims against all such atrocities and Gandhian ways are no answer but tit for tat is the answer.Fight with whatevr weapns available and unless there is a civil war nothing is going to improve.Drive all the muslims out of the country.It is also reported the juvenile who raped and killed the Delhi girls is a Muslim and that is why his name is not to be found anywhere whereas all others names are in the public domain.Pampering too much muslims by Congress will lead to th nemesis of the country.

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