Raj Thackeray is a paid agent of Sonia and a venomous snake. You are allowed to treat him the way we do when we see a poisonous snake

He is trying to save Sonia and her mafia by diverting the attention and dividing Bharat on regionalism

Delhi gang-rape case: MNS chief Raj Thackeray blames people from Bihar for such incidences

As political sermons in the aftermath of the brutal rape of a student in the Capital triggered angry reactions, MNS chief Raj Thackeray sparked off another row by blaming “Biharis”.

“All are talking about the Delhi gang-rape, but nobody is asking from where these men came. No one is asking who did this. So many cases are slapped against me (for speaking against Biharis), but no one is talking about the fact that all these rapists are from Bihar,” he said addressing a public function in suburban Goregaon on Saturday night. His comments came under attack from politicians cutting across party lines.

Raj’s remark on gangrape draws flak


A day after Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray blamed Biharis for increasing instances of rapes in the country, he drew flak from all political parties which felt that Thackeray was politicising a serious issue for his personal gain.

Making a public appearance after two months, Thackeray said that no one is paying attention to the fact that all five arrested for raping the 23-yr-old Delhi girl are Biharis. Thackeray was speaking at the Global Konkan Festival in Mumbai on Saturday evening where he took a dig at migrants.

Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson Sachin Sawant said that instead of targeting one state as being responsible for rapes, Thackeray should focus on keeping MNS workers under control in order to check crimes in the state. “This is not the first time that Thackeray has made irresponsible comments on sensitive issues. The recent comments once again show his shallow mentality,” Sawant said.

Sawant said that an MNS worker was arrested in Vikhroli last month for allegedly raping a minor girl, while four MNS workers were accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in Andheri in 2009 and one local MNS office bearer from Amravati was arrested for rape in April last year.

Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi said that it was unfortunate that such statements are being made to divide people. “Thackeray is trying to fool Marathis by creating misconceptions in their minds. Why doesn’t he talk about Pune-rape accused Sandesh Abhang, constable Sunil More who raped a girl in a police chowky in Mumbai or the gang-rape of Bilkis Bano in Gujarat where none of the rapists were from Bihar . It is sad that after making such comments and receiving court summons, the police is never able to produce him in court,” Azmi said.

Some politicians, however, chose their words carefully in criticising Thackeray. Shiv Sena spokesperson Dr. Neelam Gorhe said that while it was wrong to generalise and blame one state for all instances of crime, some observations have been made in the past correlating the origin of crime to certain areas. “While rape is a by product of a culmination of the patriarchal nature of our society, a certain pattern has been noticed wherein the root of criminal nexus has been found in places such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and pockets of West Bengal with large Bangladeshi migrant population. The bigger problem is the inability of the state and the Centre at cracking down on such nexuses,” said Gorhe.

BJP’s leader of the opposition in Legislative Council Vinod Tawde said that one should keep aside their vote-bank during national crises, but blamed migrants for such crimes. “Migrants from across the country and not just Bihar, are mostly involved in such instances,” said Tawde.


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3 Responses to Raj Thackeray is a paid agent of Sonia and a venomous snake. You are allowed to treat him the way we do when we see a poisonous snake

  1. I am not a big fan of the Shiva Sena as it’s mindset is too parochial and provincial and thus against the concept of Bharath Varsha or Sadbhavana. One thing I can say the MNS and the Shiva Sena are responsible for the right wing Indians of the BJP receiving a lot of flak be it the attack on Biharis or the attack on Valentines Day (which popularized the event as even bad publicity is good publicity). I do believe that MNS by splitting the BJP and Shiva Sena votes in the 2009 general elections was a major contributor to the election victory of Sonia’s party in Maharashtra. Once we analyse MNS’ and Raj Thackeray’s body language we can see that he is doing another Kejriwal on the opposition BJP to divide opposition votes by discrediting BJP led opposition.

  2. doraiswamyganesh says:

    Sir, a mad bull running amok in the city of Mumbai in search of fodder ! Ganesh.

  3. time pass says:

    perhaps he is trying to kill 2 birds in 1 shot? who knows. Any way No leadership qualty.

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