RSS clarifies Bhagwat’s comment


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One Response to RSS clarifies Bhagwat’s comment

  1. Raman says:

    The defence in favour of RSS chief that he referred to Western marriage system which is contract based and not Indian marriagesystem is only an afte thought.Not found anything Sr.Bhagavat referring that he meant the same to western marriage and not Indian marriage.Whatever may be his idea he shuld not hv made any such reference now as the present ay world whether estern or western women hv become more educated than 50 years ago and want to be self dependent as the present day men folk a big chunk of them waste money in drinks and other immoral activities and leave the family inlurch as reports can be seen everyday everywhere in India.Further with the high inflation rate,rising prices of everything including education,medical and other expenses it is well nigh impossible for middle class people to live in one’s pay and so women are forced to go for work to make life liveable.So asking them to confineto kitchens will make them a prey in the hands of men and women won’t hv any freedom.Olden days it was ok when women were not educated and had to depend on their spouse for living whatever be the consequences.Present day world it isa not possible.In that case why Sushuma and ever so many women leaders and othersof BJP go to work and they can resign their posts and live at home looking after children and cooking.So there is no merit in the coimments of RSS chief which only makes him a laughing stock.He could hv avoided such controversial speech.Now a days everyday both Congress and BJP or RSS vie with each other in commenting how a woman shuld be taking advantage of the sad demise of the girl by brutes.If this trend goes BJP is sure to lose more seats that they may not get even 100 seats in the next elctions as they are estranging women voters and Congress though itself in trouble will utilise this fully.So let better sense prevail on BJP,RSS leaders not to make such controversial statements and allow the same to be in the domain of Congress and others.Make a statement ny the leader and the spokesperson defending the samer that the same is misintrepreted won’t wash as people will take the statements only on face value and not in depth.Let that be with Congress only and BJP/RSS need not try to usurp that.

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