Dhule Riots : Hindu girls and women are missing in riots!

Hindus are facing problems; Administration is happy to be mum.

Muslims are active even in the curfew. Fanatic Muslims forced Hindus to eat beef!

Dhule (Maharashtra): Even in the curfew here in Dhule fanatic Muslims are still attacking on Hindu areas and there is no sign of peace on the fifth day of riots. (This is not just riots but it’s a war against Hindus by local Muslims. Otherwise what is the fault of Hindus that they are being targeted?  – Editor) The plan of Muslims to kill Hindus was failed because of alert Police. (Why those rioter Muslims were not shooted even after there was an order of shoot at sight during the curfew time? – Editor)

Fanatic Muslims attacked on Hindu houses and forced them to eat beef and those who refused were assaulted by knifes such blood storming new are coming from Dhule. Some women are missing and there are some eye witnesses for this incidence but administration is not ready to accept the facts (A place like Dhule where police are not getting proper orders to take immediate action against Muslims, there you just can’t expect that you will get immediate response to the incident happened related to Hindu women! – Editor)

All the life required certificates and material is been bunt so the Hindus are now going to face big problem. (Is congress government is going to take any serious action against these destructive Muslims? – Editor) Miss Pranita Yewale from Gajanan Nagar area told us that those Muslims forcefully took them to their houses and forced us to eat beef. (This is Bharat or Pakistan? – Editor) When we refused to eat the beef, they assaulted us with the knife. And now the MP’s and MLA’s are coming and promising us those things which they are not going to pursue anyway. (Dear Hindus remember these Dharmadrohi politicians, and make sure that they will not manage to get elected again! – Editor) They have burnt our school certificate, now we don’t have any future. This is the kind of insulting state lots of Hindus are going through. (In congress government Muslims are becoming more and more insolent, because of which fate of Hindus is in crisis. To wipe out the impact of the Congress in political and social areas please pray and chant for 10 minutes! – Editor)

On the auspicious occasion of Dassera the curfew was a bit loosened from 9 am to 11 am (On the important festive occasion of Dassera Hindus were going through terrible stage. Hindus couldn’t celebrate Dassera under the terror atmosphere, does the Congress government have any shame? – Editor) Hindus are still not recovered from this state, and they are still finding it safe to be in their houses. (Those who are fortunately safe from such incidence should know that you may have to face such problem in future. So just don’t seat ideally get united to stop fanatic Muslims! – Editor)

Nine people are been killed in these riots; police have officially arrested 250 people. Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh visited to the riots affected area and declared help of Rs 5 Lacks to the corpses, fifty thousand to the seriously injured and twenty five thousand for the minor injured. Deshmukh also suggested that no one should look to anybody with doubt. (Muslims are openly killing Hindus, they are raping Hindu women and our Chief Minister is saying Hindus should stop looking toward Muslims with suspicion. Mr. Deshmukh has insulted Hindu sentiment. Now it’s up to you people should decide do you still want such a senseless Chief Minister? – Editor)

Home Minister R.R. Patil accepted that this riot is well planed in the meeting held in District Collectors office. (What action Mr. Home Minister is going to take against the Muslims who are running riots without anyone’s fear? – Editor) The industrialist claimed loss of 15 crore during these riots.

Dhule is located at a distance of 50 km from the textile town of Malegaon. The city has a population of around five lakh, with 75% Hindus and 25% Muslims.



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One Response to Dhule Riots : Hindu girls and women are missing in riots!

  1. vaidya says:

    We have a government at the center which has only one orientation to wipe out Hindus at any cost. We have more muslim ministers at the center in the guise of Hindu names. Hence, the muslims can do any nonsense and exempted and stand above law as that of our politicians.

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