The victim whose suffering and death wrenched our heart is Sita reborn! Marichis and Tadakis! Prepare for your vadham!

I wanted to write on this dastardly attack on a hapless young girl Jyothi, yes that was her name, and how those cruel criminals especially the minor Muslim has perpetrated to put out the light from her. It has been so heart-wrenching that I simply could not bring myself to address that very issue.  But then the time is running out and perhaps I am the last person to write this piece yet I simply could not focus on that moment of heinous crime and her cry for help that was largely ignored by the milling crowd of Delhi. So I decided to appeal to Dharma and hereunder flow my thoughts.

There is a lot of difference between secular thinking which has become a habit in our modern era of ruthless ‘undifferentiation’ in the name of equality and the ancient culture of eternity and enjoyment of kaarmic fruit that is also latent in all of us.
Secularist thinking impresses that life has no history before it began and is an accident, a one-time phenomenon that does not recognize a hereafter.  From this secular thinking two-fold attitudes arise: One is the stronger idea of struggle for existence and survival of the fittest by which smartness lies in lying and cheating by all means, indulge in violence of all sorts to ‘enjoy’ life.  Majority of the people accept or subscribe to this idea in one way or the other.  From kindergarten to retirement people compete to survive and in this if you cheat and get away with it you are ok is the attitude.  Immediacy is the message and anything distant is wrought with danger.
The other is to feel empathy for the fellowman, a kind of ‘conscience’ or guilt driven attitude that emphasises that there is pleasure in sacrificing for others.  Gandhi pursued this to the hilt to lose it all and instilled in everyone not to feel unhappy about it!
KiranKS tweeted: “Accept it or not.. So many people slowed down, but didn’t touch or help the Dilli victim naked on the road. The FEAR of the police & courts.”   His tweet is very important for our discussion.  The fear overpowers love, kindness and empathy.  This current is not in just in one person but the in the whole community.  Taking advantage of this would be a gang of criminals who for sure know that what they do will find no resistance from anyone.  Besides there is the culture of corruption coming as it does from the survival of the fittest attitude so the wielders of law would rather make money to the hilt by what they hold than do a duty to enforce the law for public good.
Contrast this to the kaarmic residue in all of us.  We have believed, perhaps known that we are no accident but a continuum and that the life of joy and misery are but transcient.  This awareness clearly eliminates the necessity that life isn’t dependent on lying, cheating, robbing and killing others.  It does give us the strength to persevere and pursue a goal, however distant it may be for the pursuit can even be continued in the life hereafter.  Being a ‘Gandhian’ loser is no goal of life for Gandhi took it in his heart that all are ‘good’.  No such universalism is postulated in the eternal Devaasura yuddham of the Sanathana Dharma.
In our Dharma the individual’s pursuit of purushartha is the only message.  And such purushartha can only be achieved by pursuing dhaarmic means.
Seetha would typically justify the eternal loser of the existentialist that modern secularism has thrown us to be.  But if anyone cares to see her as a being beyond this life then such typicalism would hold no water.  In the whole scheme of Ramayana there is a character by name Marichi (or Maricha) who wrought havoc by being behind the scene.  It is for this reason that he escaped being hunted by anyone aggrieved.  By the way Marichi was the son of Tadakki the first asuri and a woman killed by Sri Rama.
Rama has to be separated from Seetha for Ravana to kidnap Seetha.  No one can challenge Rama and get away with it so Rama should not be present there.  That is where Marichi character fits the picture.  He is the one who is present without being present! He shows himself in the form of a Deer only to Seetha and vanishes.  Seetha asks Rama to fetch her this golden deer that she has seen.  Rama tells her that there is no such thing as a golden deer in this prakrthi.  That was his conviction.  She then starts taunting Rama for not obliging the smallest thing that she has asked for while demanding nothing at all before. So unable to bear that Rama goes in search of the thing that he knew did not exist! Such was the power of the consort!  And Rama does see a golden deer that he knew did not exist and kills it!  This is to reveal that  nothing can be taken for granted in this prakrthi!  No other religion is capable of revealing these great truths.
Marichi had by his trick of hiding had escaped even Yama. When Rama had the samkalpa (resolved) to find him Marichi could not  escape and that was his end.
Who became the reason for Marichi’s killing?  Only Seetha and none other!  That is why the very avataram of Seetha was for the killing of this asura.  Lakshmi Sahasranamam explicitly says of this as “Marichi madha mardhini”  Elaborating this Sri Muthuswamy Dheekshithar in his Navaavarna Keerthana says:  “Dasa karana vriddhi Marichi nigarbha yoginyaaha”.  His ten indhriyas – 5 karmaendriyas and 5 gyaanendriyas – were pefect but he misused them and he was always behind the curtain and hid himself in committing atrocities.  He finally hid himself in a golden deer. Who outed (nigharbham) him to Rama? It was Seetha!
Damini is a form of Seetha who has outed this atrocious menace of the vice of capitalist massing of people in urban centres that completely violates all forms of guna, karma vibhaagam. Many women suffered rape before but it was only Damini who had by her suffering and death had challenged all powers that had run amok spreading the tentacles of adharma. From Seetha’s kidnapping to Ravana vadham a few years had passed.  But the time is irrelevant from the point of view of the result.  The adharmic system is falling now piece by piece.  Thaadaka  vadham is definitely next and so also that of Maricha her son.  Watch this is going to happen!

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2 Responses to The victim whose suffering and death wrenched our heart is Sita reborn! Marichis and Tadakis! Prepare for your vadham!

  1. doraiswamyganesh says:

    Sir, Salutations to you for an apt analysis o f the tragic situation.My prayer is that it should not be as long as 14 years of vanvas but as Bheema pointed out 14 days are equal to 14 years ( in his case it was 13 days for 13 years )out of which more than 9 are over. Let us not have to wait for the entire balance of time but endeavour vigorously to perform the last rites of Thaadaka and Maricha at the very earliest possible oppurtunity.Regards, Ganesh.

  2. Raman says:

    A very good touching article.For the first time hearing that the boy who killed brutally after raping her and also pursued her to enter the bus and asking others to rape her is a Muslim.If that is true no wonder that fellow wanted to take vengence against a hapless Hindu girl and the real face of the Muslim cult is getting unfolded.It is correctly pointed out by Dr.Swamy in many of his speeches everywhere that Islam is a religion of violence which can’t tolerate other religions esp Hindus.Only way is the Hindus shuld shed their lethargy and rise up like the great kings like Sivaji,Rana Pratap,Kattabomman etc who rose against the British Hindus now hv to turn against Muslims and send all the notorious criminals like Owaisi and the cult of whom Congress is pampering for votes and pack the Congress also from the scene.The Hindus shuld rise with arms as Gandhian ways are outdated and won’t help in the present day of gun culture perpetrated by Muslims and they suld be shown in their own coin.Only that they will understand and they shuld be driven away from India to Pakistan or Bnagladesh.This stupid Congress won’t do anything happening against Hindus and at the same time pampering muslims for votes.That is why people like Geelani,Owaisi are thriving as they know Congress won’t go against them.So people shuld take the law into their own hands and that is the only way for the safety of hindus esp women.Courts are as useless as Congress and a hindu won’t get justice from the courts as all the courts are packed with Congress hoodlums and waiting for plum posts and oher benefits and the judges are corrupt and never bothered abt what happened to the Society as they live under security.All the security cover of all leaders shuld be taken out except President and PM becoz of their offices.If the leaders are afraid to meet their people then why shuld they stand for elections.If they die without security they shuld be prepared for that and not to loot the country by becoming MPs,MLAs,Ministers.This can’t be done by Congress who are afraid of people and at the same time want votes.They know hindus will vote for them and hence pampering muslims.The Congress shuld be thrown out in the next elections and all the security cover of all leaders shuld be withdrawn by the BJP Govt if they form one.That is the only way people can live securely as the fear will make the leaders, police investigating agencies rule properly.

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