Hero Of India : Only Witness of Delhi Gangrape incident speaks to Zee TV


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One Response to Hero Of India : Only Witness of Delhi Gangrape incident speaks to Zee TV

  1. Raman says:

    Anybody with a sense of consciousness will be shiocked at the callous way the Delhi Police and hospital doctors at Safdarjung hospital treated them.The trial and such things are only an eye wash as nobody knows what is going to take place in camera hearings and the media can’t say anything without permission of the stupid court.Though it is sure that the persons ,it is still doubtful whether the arrested fellows arethe real culprits or caught from road side walkers as the whole thing is shrouded in mystery.The judge will be forced to give some punishment and even if death penalty is given what is the use?They will go on appeal to HC,SC and mery petitionand the whole process will take another 15 years and by that hundreds of girls would hv been raped and killed and people will forget this episode.It is strange that Delhi police which could not catch several other rapists for years suddenly were able to catch the six people withi a day.Just fooling people as the protestes wereincreasing day by day they somehow wanted to pacify the people especially when the elections aredue in another year or so and this step would hv diluted the protests.So all cunningnessx may be the brain of Chidambaram who is more cunning than Pranab and must hv advised a dead girl to take to S’pore and bring her back after two days and declare her as dead.The doctors are amenable to the command of the Govt and must hv been puchased which normally happens in all such cases.They prostitute their professional ethics.They shuld all be guillotined publicly.

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