The craze of jaathakam matching was decried by Mahaperiava

An astrologer had come for Periyava’s darshan. He said ‘ Big family…….Very little income, Revenue out of practicing astrology is very less….Very difficult..’

Periyava asked ‘Oh…..Are you living in the same ancestral house, that your father was living in?’
‘No….My elder brother is living in the same. I am living in another house that is on the western side of the ancestral house’.
Periyava said ‘You do not stay there. In the ancestral house, on the eastern side there is an old cow shed no? There you put-up a hut and stay there. For generations your family has done Ambal pooja. Stay in the cow shed.’
Periyava continued, ‘……Also, another thing you should hear. You are blaming (scolding) all planets no!….In your (client’s) horoscope Guru is neechan, Sani is papi, Bhdhan is vakram….You should not mouth these words. Guru is a big planet. Dakshinamurthy swaroopam. You should say of him as neechan, Papi, Vakram etc. Sani is the son of Suriyan. He has got the title of Ishwaran. You are calling him Papi…… It is enough if you say “The planets are not in the right place. The Kala palan is not good. Etc.. When people come to you for matching of horoscopes of boys and girls, instead of bluntly saying “They don’t match”, you can say “The right period for vivaha for the girl is yet to come. The putra bakyam for the boy is in doubt.” There are many girls who are aged beynd 30, and still not married. When such horoscopes come to you, to the extent possible, you should answer them without rejecting to the extent possible.
In marriage subject, you should not give much importance to Horoscope match. Matching of Sect (Kulam), Gothram and the minds (Manas) is enough. In olden days, horoscope matching was not having so much importance.

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A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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