Delhi gang-rape case: Post-mortem report of ‘Damini’/’Amanat’ expected today

Not sure if govt. did cook it up, hope not!

Reported by Tanima Biswas, Edited by Mala Das | Updated: January 01, 2013 10:38 IST

Delhi gang-rape case: Post-mortem report of 'Amanat' expected today

New DelhiThe post-mortem report of the 23-year-old medical student whose brutal gang-rape and death 13 days later has shocked and shamed the entire nation, is expected today. The young woman died on Saturday in a hospital in Singapore and the autopsy was done in that country before her body was brought back to India for last rites.

The report is expected to be sent by Mount Elizabeth Hospital where she died and is expected to be handed over to the Delhi Police. It will be one of the most crucial pieces of evidence in the case the Delhi Police is building against the six men accused of raping and torturing the young woman in a moving bus in Delhi on December 16.

The police is also reportedly ready with the first draft of its chargesheet, said to run to about a 1000 pages; it plans to submit the chargesheet in a Delhi court on Thursday.

Sources said the police has cited around 30-40 witnesses, including the doctors who treated the student, first in Delhi, and then at the Singapore hospital.

Key testimony lies in the statement of the software engineer who was accompanying Amanat (NOT her real name) on the bus and was assaulted with an iron rod by the six drunk men on board when he tried to protect her.

While in critical condition in hospital, Amanat shared her testimony with two different judges. Her account was not video-taped, but will be the most important evidence in the trial. Daily hearings have been promised by the Delhi High Court and the government, to ensure that a verdict is reached quickly.

Senior police sources say that the chargesheet has been vetted by legal experts, and that the police will ask for the death penalty for the six men who have been charged with Amanat’s rape and murder. One of them is a minor and cannot be tried in court. A report will be sent to the Juvenile Justice Board, which will handle his case.

The unabated monstrosity of the attack on Amanat has walloped India, stirring anger and protests, with thousands pledging to fight in her memory for better safety for women and tougher laws for those convicted of rape. Activists also point out the need for fast-track trials for rape cases to counter the perception that the notoriously slow legal system allows those accused of sexual and other crimes to escape punishment.


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8 Responses to Delhi gang-rape case: Post-mortem report of ‘Damini’/’Amanat’ expected today

  1. nishant says:

    oh god!where r u?plz do smthng 4 damini?????

  2. sneha says:

    God give justice to her soul and hang those scoundrils……

  3. Nouralam says:

    We want justice for our sister Damini as soon as posible.

  4. shradha kushwah says:

    we want justice for damini the rapists should be hanged

  5. abhay bhattarai says:

    Do it fast ,hang them to death .give those 6 brutal non human such a punishment that no one ever tried to do such thngs ..but i thnk our justice is slow in action .there must be some more strick punishment for rapists and rape case should hv to be given more value then the muders becouse rape is also the muder of purity of a women ..our leader use to say that they hv did this they hv did that but what they r going 2 do to stop such thngs .?

  6. Angel says:

    O lord please give justice to damini

  7. Vijay Prakash says:

    Damini I miss you in my soul, Your death shaken to my heart and my mind on 29th Dec. 2012 morning, when I was start to my TV. I promise, to you I am not forget to you for lifetime, And I prepared a file about.

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