The gruesome rape and murder, the political connections and fallout

Is TDK nervous that one of the rapist beasts who killed Damini has Youth Cong connections?

@Swamy39 The real connection is that this was done to divert media coverage from N Modi’s win.

@rajesh94538 :TDK ordered Manish Tiwari to issue an advisory that in view of Damini’s condition, Modi’s swearing in ceremony coverage be cut

@Swamy39 exactly, there are GOVT HOSPITALS in singapore which are better than Mount elizebath, both doctors wise and equipment wise

 Retweeted by Subramanian Swamy

How can the truth come out? “@srbehera11@Swamy39 here is the link to that article …

Another question arises: Why St Elizabeth a pvt Hospital and not a Govt hospital? Who owns the former?

@Swamy39 Sir Pl note culprits were arrested in few hours, all low profile,but still govt try to protect them, doesnt it say something fishy.

@jai1900 @Swamy39 100s of hospitals told govt that same medical facilities as mt. Elizabeth is available but govt was reluctant 2 send her.

@harindranath @Swamy39 its a life of a person, U cant use the word “why not mount elizabeth” , it always has to be “why mount elizabeth”

The last time there was a secret cremation, it was for Bhagat Singh. Why are cops, Shinde scared? Scared of students peacefully protesting?

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