Father of rape victim “Damini” was a typical parent: ” Sold off my field so that she could study”


Published: Monday, Dec 31, 2012, 9:05 IST
By Priyanka Sahay | Place: New Delhi | Agency: DNA

What can you tell a family that has cremated a 23-year-old daughter a few hours ago?

A daughter who endured unimaginable horrors when six men gang-raped her and tore her guts out 13 days ago.

Their dimly-lit two-room house is a testimony of their modest background and the immense struggle they have had to endure as they put their daughter through school and college so that their future could improve.

“My sister was concerned about us. On Tuesday, around 9.30pm she asked my father if he had his food. That was the last time she spoke,” her younger brother said, during an hour-long talk, breaking the silence in the house. “Even though she could not speak, she kept communicating through other means,” he said, staring at plaster peeling off the walls.

He is preparing for his board exams. “Every time she saw me fooling around she scolded me and asked me to study,” he said, remembering what a meritorious student she was. “Her absence makes me feel I am lost.”

Their father, in his fifties, is a frail structure engulfed in darkness. “While other kids cry before going to school, she would cry if we stopped her,” he said, remembering his daughter was a determined fighter.

“She was one of the brightest students in school and she scored 95% in her 10th CBSE exams. She got through this college in Dehradun and was always keen on a career in medicine. She was most happy when she got a chance to heal somebody’s wounds.”

The father kept speaking even as some women, relatives mostly, kept peeping through the only ventilator in the room — two missing bricks in the wall separating the two rooms.

She did her schooling and intermediate from Delhi and then left for Dehradun to study physiotherapy. She started working in a BPO firm to ensure she did not become a financial burden on her family. “She would attend her classes from 10am to 5pm and work at the BPO firm from 9pm to 5am. She worked so hard. She used to do all her studies during the time she was in college… She was one of the top students,” her younger brother said.

Since her mobile phone has been stolen, her family could not inform her friends.

About the male friend who was with her that fateful night, her father said he came to meet her several times. “He was covered with bruises,” he said. “His family proved to be a huge support for us.”

Suddenly the father broke down. “Khet bech kar use padhaya tha,” he said in between inconsolable sobs.

“My uncle has been doing double shifts to make ends meet. Both my uncle and aunty starve at times to ensure their children get a good education,” a cousin, who has come from Gorakhpur to meet them, said.

“They invested all their savings in her and were waiting for her to get a job in the hope that it would end their miseries. Our financial condition has deteriorated. If anybody voluntarily wants, we will accept some help.”

The spontaneous protests on the streets has given them some solace. “If this brings about some dramatic change in our male-dominated society then it will be very good,” he said. “Lag to raha hai bahut kuch badal sakta hai. Agar log soch badale toh shahi mein wakai me kafi sudhar ayega.” But the family appealed the protesters to maintain peace.

The family has been living in Delhi since 1983 and had moved to their current location in 1988. On shifting her to Singapore, her father said, “We were told around 10am that it was important to take her abroad as that was the only way to save her.”

The woman’s mother is still to recover from the shock. “She has fainted almost 10 times since morning and her blood pressure too has fallen drastically. My older brother has taken her to the nearby hospital,” the younger sibling said.

The family is unsure about revealing the daughter’s identity to the world. “We will have to think about it.” The elder of the two brothers has passed his 12th exams and is preparing for engineering entrance exams. The younger too wants to study engineering.

People keep coming in as the day progresses. As the room is small, too many people crowding makes it suffocating inside. Still numb from the ordeal that changed their lives forever, the winter proves to be a long and cold one for the family this year.

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4 Responses to Father of rape victim “Damini” was a typical parent: ” Sold off my field so that she could study”

  1. vaidya says:

    What to say when the government was so particular to save its skin than plugging the loopholes in our law? Another rape case in a bus in same Delhi. What a shame on Delhi polie?

  2. asnointia says:

    Once again, India proves to be STUPID. They make such impressions of themselves around the world with Bollywood sophistication. This decision makes them look so illiterate.
    I trust my Indian brothers, sisters and the public, to finish these men off when they get the chance. This particular rape was too much to handle. 6 males, Inserting rusted metal rods inside of her vagina all the way to her chest, puncturing her organs-then pulling out her intestines with their bare hands. Biting her skin till it bled, cutting her breasts with blades and bashing her head with hammers? She was raped brutally and murdered.
    And this is the justice? No wonder Indians don’t want to live in India. They are very right to leave India and settle in countries that have brains and respect for human beings.
    I would never want to live in a country where the government does not respect females.
    I will start a campaign promoting India’s stupidity.
    May the Female Gods keep promoting their messed up Indians.

  3. b.gupta says:

    may your pray listen some noble soul , god ,goddess , saint ,

    from the very ancient time one curse is coming on . even gods and devatas ‘s souls were also affected by the curse of evil thoughts of KAMA (sex) and KAM(sex) . ( kama and kam words are not used for any person or any soul )

    when any god or anyone would had created male and female ,some god would had invented the sex and thoughts of sex (kam) for the birth for childrens .at those times it may be the requirement for the birth of childrens . but after words became curse . and was misused and was used as a tool for the destructions .

    if there would had been no evil thoughts of sex(kama ) which causes insult and hates . never no one would had been insulted and evil thoughts was the main cause of every quarrel, every insult and every destructions .

    if at those ancients times some wise ,noble peoples , god would had thought of evil effects and would had taken wise decissions for the betterment for others , no ramayana, no mahabhartha , no war ,no fight ,no quarrels , in puranic (ancients) times and now nothing would had/have not taken place .and many and many peoples would had not become the victims .

    every one was not born with the nature’s good grace of good qualities and the good fate and luck to have good inteligence , good wisdom , good qualities , and circuimstances not to commiting ever any mistakes or sins . the peoples , gods , devtas , souls , which were doing bad ,wrong things and cruelities were also victim of bad fate and bad qualities , bad wisdim ( बुदधि ) .

    A PRAY to NATURE and EARTH —-

    never anyone suffer from the evil thoughts of KAMA and KAM and evil wisdom , evil thoughts be change into good and noble of every soul ,every molecules of souls ,where ever it may be ,even in any atom under earth or any part of earth , universe, any kind of hell. . each and every molecule which are taken from humans , souls and be the humans again on the earth as were naturally origanaly . every human , soul, molecule get the good wisedom ,good intelegence not to commeiting any sin , not doing wrong bad, not doing anything which cause insult to anyone which makes anyone angry , there be no bad words, no bad thoughts, no hates , no sins, no vengeances, no quarrels , no life lose. be respect for every one in every soul, human, kundalini , every molecule .there be no any soul, molecule, creatuers, with any kind of suffering , pain , punishment , or any torturings in any kind of hell and under earth or any where in universe ..

    every human every soul ,every molecule either good or bad , angle or evil , sinner , demon , god or devil every creature , every one want to live as a good humanbeing

  4. alankrita says:

    There z nthing new.nd may b if she died at that night then dis kind of facts never comes out.may b nobody could get to know what happened to them…they r not alien. .they live in the same society in which v live..every girl or women face this kind of people daily they touch u tease u ..passing dirty comments on u ..they stare at u so badly..nd if they get u alone they do such things…most of us jst avoid them by saying “roj ka natak hai” or sometime we r forced to avoid..we find this kind of people everywhere. .on streets. .on road..in train..in buses…near ur house in ur working places.bt no protest for all this …why …when v r the victim for all the time.

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