A dead body was transported to Singapore and brought back – all at the expense of the taxpayers. What do you say of this atrocity?

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3 Responses to A dead body was transported to Singapore and brought back – all at the expense of the taxpayers. What do you say of this atrocity?

  1. doraiswamyganesh says:

    Sir, Do you you expect anything better from cowards, rouges,looters of my beloved country besides telling lies and enriching themselves? what are the great netas other than Narendrabhai doing?——- around ?Yesterday Maneka Gandhi had openly made the statement on TV.Today a Doctor from Safdarjung hospital has confirmed it.Indeed time to throw out the Italian crew of our ship into the deepest ocean full of sharks,with their entire family and leave no survivors.Ganesh.

  2. Bapty.s says:

    How can a dead body be. Leave the hospital. ,then be carted to airport airlifted. How did Singapore govt permit all this. The chief of Delhi Safdarjung hospital. Shld be held responsible. Including all doctors who were giving. Bogus reports. On tv. Channels by the hour. Sheila Dixit. Mms. And Sonia. Must. Be hauled up for this in. Both houses of parliament.

  3. Raman says:

    The rumours were floating already.The girl died of cerebral hamoerrage on 26th eve and a rattled Govt expecting more protests on 27th silently made all arrangements to transport her dead body to S’pore using all artificial respiration system etc and took her on the night of 27th clandestinely and the doctors at S’pore must hv known this but the Indian High Commission must hv prevailed over them and after two days the doctors declared her as dead and brought and cremated under heavy police escort.What a pity.This notorious Govt under the Italian witch will go to any extent to finish anybody and after cremating her only they relaxed the curfew for some time.Such hanky panky way will not get them too far.The Nation will rise too soon.Result will be a holocast everywhere and the Congress will be wiped out in the waves of anger.It is heard Chidambaram is behind all this conspiracy as Shinde is an idiot who does not know anything.

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