Damini’s Letter to Sonia Gandhi


Tajinder Pal S Bagga (@tajinderbagga)

Posted Sunday 30th December 2012 from Twitlonger

Smt Sonia Gandhi,
President of Congress,
New Delhi

Dear Ma’m,

Thanks for your condolence message after my death & your assurance to people for my justice. I was dead the day they raped me, beaten me and injured me severely by inserting rod in me. There was nothing left for me to be on this earth then, but still I requested God to give me few more days to live. Though these days were the most painful for me to bear such unbearable pain & to die every second with such horrible incident, but still I asked to give me few more days to live, so that I can see my culprits to be hanged. But you wasted these few days & wasted my life. I wanted to see those monsters to be hanged, who not only killed me but also killed humanity on this earth, also killed my parents dreams for which I was living for, but all my pain was gone in vain.

Mam, I’m grateful to you for being with me in front of media & doing something else behind. I’m grateful for your sympathy, which you’ve shown by doing lathi charge on my brothers & sisters who were demanding justice peacefully. I’m grateful for your concern by talking to 8 NSUI students to curb the voice of thousands others. I’m grateful to your people for doing everything to defame the protest by playing with death of a constable.

I’m sure, when the rape incident was not enough to change you all those who are sitting there with responsibilities, then what my death will do. But I’m confident for my brothers & sisters who are standing there for me day & night in such cold winter facing your water guns & lathis, that they will bring the change, they will not let any more Damini to suffer such rape, they will let you realize the results of not hearing our voice and they will give me justice.




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One Response to Damini’s Letter to Sonia Gandhi

  1. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    All human who have pure blood will shed tears at this letter. For me tears are rolling on my cheek

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