Shocking Reality Behind Delhi Gang-Rape (Warning)

@Sheks65 : That is why I want to see the autopsy report

Shocking Reality Behind Delhi Gang-Rape (Warning)

Posted in India by gatsby (#4) 16 hours ago (Community Post)

Shocking Reality Behind Delhi Gang-Rape (Warning)So this is the real story behind Delhi gang-rape case? I guess this actually happened that night. This is the most shocking story I have read in a while. I just found this image on twitter. Please share it. Rapists should be given death penalty immediately. And please stop calling the victim’s ‘Amanat’ or ‘Nirbahaya’. It annoys me.

Breaking: Delhi gang-rape victim ‘Amanat’ dead:

real story

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13 Responses to Shocking Reality Behind Delhi Gang-Rape (Warning)

  1. dr.vaibhav says:

    uterus can not be removed from body .. never .. I’m a doctor ..

  2. Amit Raj Taneja says:

    Agree with Sandhaya A Death Penalty will be too meager for them because that will solve their problem….these guys should be made to undergo the process of same amount of pain before Death Penalty could end their miseries. — Amit Raj Taneja

  3. Abhishek Yadav says:

    What ever happened our sister will not come back. The same process of torture need to be given to those culprits before they are hanged. Even they should understand the pain that our sister faced.

  4. Ballad says:

    Ambedkar laws are made for 50 years, but now time has come to update the laws in better ways, our real leaders have to think about it. make the rules Strict so that such crimes should not happen again.

  5. deedee says:

    there is no fear for these rapists because there is no law. India must impose hard labour and death penalty for this heinous crime. Ask advice from Saudi Arabia and other countries who does not tolerate this evil act. All humans are equal.

  6. Edward says:

    shove a rod up their ass, beat them up with the same rod they inserted in that gurl. Cruelty is what they did and what they should get. Torture without humanity before death penalty is what they need. India, wake up. Lets have a strict law, U take ones life.. u have to die.

  7. Raj says:

    I agree with everyone in here who posted their comments. If we do not give any punishment to the culprits, that was the starting point as an encouragement to them thinking that no law cannot be done anything to them other than putting them in jails and feeding them for years. I feel it as un-necessary wastage of food. Instead if we feed dogs, they will be trustworthy to their master. Unless our laws been changed, our politicians, police department changes, we alone cannot change anything nothing but posting these kind of comments in the websites.

    Wake up India….Wake up bloody politicians….Wake up u fucking police department (cowards)………..

  8. Sajid says:

    I am sorry to use bad and vulgar words now…. “But a hot rod should be inserted in their ASS and taken out from mouth, to let them understand the same pain…. It should be continued until they loose their lives”

    This is the worst treatment, I should say, I can think of for these devils…

    But I should remind all of you that after this case we have been hearing lot of new cases and rapes and gang rapes… It means these criminals are still not understanding what we mean to protest and say….

    They still think nothing is going to change in this country… it’s time to show this criminal community that things will change…

    If our Govt. cannot change the situation… let the public do it… Hand-over the victims to public and they will do the real treatment….

  9. sonali says:

    hand over the victims to people

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