Muslim minister of Antonia Maino is charged by their own Muslim body – State Minority Commission

Karnataka state minorities commission on Friday lodged a complaint against Union minister for minoritiesK Rahman Khan of being involved in the misappropriation of public money in Amanath Cooperative Bank when he was its president.

According to its chairman Anwar Manippady, the minorities’ commission received a complaint on November 6 from S Ahmed Ibadullah, advocate of SAI Associates, on the alleged misuse of funds amounting to Rs300 crore by former presidents of the bank during their regime. Though the misappropriation was clearly established, no action was taken so far by the department of cooperative societies, police and the RBI.

“Over Rs300 crore is reportedly misused by K Rahman Khan when he was at the helm of affairs,” Manippady alleged.

The complaint was lodged against Khan and others by Manippady before the Upalokayukta, S B Majage. The Lokayukta post is vacant in the state.However, Rahman Khan dismissed as “politically motivated” the complaint lodged against him with Karnataka Lokayukta even as the BJP demanded his resignation.

Khan said if he had misappropriated Rs 300 crore during his tenure, there would have been “zero balance in the bank”.


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One Response to Muslim minister of Antonia Maino is charged by their own Muslim body – State Minority Commission

  1. vaidya says:

    No culprit ever accepted their crime, Mere dismissal will not do but they should resign and face the inquiry and prosecute the complainant if proved false if they are with some morality. But very difficult to find people with scruple off-late more to the point after the UPA governance started

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