Dr.Swamy demands the PM to issue an ordinance to make rape as an act of terrorism

Statement of Dr.Subramanian @Swamy39 made on December 28, 2012

“I demand that the Prime Minister to immediately issue an Ordinance to make the offence of rape as one of terrorism.

Gone are the days when rape was an offence committed occasionally, by an individual against a woman in a fit of passion. Today rape has become an epidemic, committed by a gang, accompanied by a depraved and beastly brutalisation of the victim, as in the recent gangrape in a bus.

Such incidents have terrorized women, and traumatized parents. Hence it is tantamount to terrorism as per UN definition by which “terrorism is the act by violence to overawe innocent civilians to do or not to do something against their will.

Therefore without delay the Prime Minister must get an Ordinance issued to make rape a terrorism offence with either death or Bobbit cut as sentence.”



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One Response to Dr.Swamy demands the PM to issue an ordinance to make rape as an act of terrorism

  1. time pass says:

    Well, Dr. Swamy has a very good point of deterrent for sure, as prevention is better than cure. Let us pause a bit & think, what are the other related catalyst causes may contribute to this indecent act by young & oldrer..
    Our matured Politicians have to do some honest Soul searching & get down to grass route of this problem and nip it from the bud. Will such move be given a free hand to do??? Is the moot question. Stop & put an end to these love story movies produced in this country. The young ones are copying & getting early hints & ideas of all these indecent attitudes from there. Their immature and innocent minds think it is a real life scenario in the minds of the young generation of this country, as at that age they are not able to control or decide from evil from good. So the Elders have to plan a strategy, for the betterment of our young population. Let us stop from dropping crocodile tears and help the young ones of a decent future and guide them live in Dignity. Let us stop thinking of amassing Tax money from some of these Film Industries for the safety of our young ones. It is worth it. Money is the route of all evil. Pl read further this can mean as an observation by a reader of my comment.

    Good that you are thinking of reducing criminal tendencies. Film is a powerful cultural media and makes impressions. Few months ago a ago school boy in Tamil Nadu killed his teacher and said he got the idea from a movie. Few years ago there was a surd of high school boys and girls eloping after the release of a Tamil movie romanticizing such act. Years of negative messages of showing eve teasing as fun encourages such ideas and desires.

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