Mamata Banerjee to face tough situations in North Bengal

Many political knots  are not likely to allow Miss Mamata Banerjee's next north Bengal visit to remain cool.

SILIGURI: West Bengal Chief Minister Miss Mamata Baneerjee is likely to face many complicated situations during her forthcoming visit to the northern part of herstate West Bengal that has already accumulated many critical political knots.

The first and most important is undoubtedly the question of Darjeeling hills complicacy that hosts immense potential to set the hill under fire once again with aggressive movement of Gorkha Janamukti Morcha(GJM) with its separate statehood demand.

“We want her to clarify why the promised departments are not being transferred to Gorkhaland Territorial Administration,” asked Dr. H B Chetri, thinktank of GJM.

After formation of GTA under the direct involvement of Miss Mamata Banerjee as her way of handlingGorkhaland statehood movement- ” Total 58 departments were promised to be transferred to the GTA. So far only 26 departments have been handed over. We demand that process to be completed by the end of December,” said GJM General Secretary Mr. R Giri.

But GTA trouble does not end here. According to legal experts, the former administrative body of hills Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, was exempt from the operations of the Panchayat Acts and the Municipal laws under Article 243 M(3) and Article 243 ZC(2) of Indian Constitution. Instead of three tire Panchayet system of the whole country, as a special case, the DGHC area was under two tire Panchayet system while DGHC itself was to enjoy the status of third and highest tire of Panchayet operation.

But since GTA Act 2011 has repealed the DGHC Act, DGHC ceased to exist putting Darjeeling back under usual three tire Panchayet system. And thus GTA’s standing as the third tire of Panchayet became questionable. “Suitable amendment of Constitution is needed to justify GTA;’s standing,” said Mr. Ashok Bhattacharya, former WB Minister and veteran CPIM leader..

Coming down to foothills, where demographic majority tribal communities have already started raising voice for separate administrative body without any attachment with GTA. “We will start fierce movement if our demands are not met immidiately,” said Mr. Birsa Tirkey, Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikash Parishad(ABAVP) President.

In plains, recent upraise of many other old separate statehood demands like Kamtapur or Greater Cochbehar, being carried on by many ethnic communities, have become other major issues for the CM to handle.

“Now after waiting for 18 months under Miss Banerjee’s TMC ruling in the state, People of north Bengal, will expect her to offer serious solutions of these issues during her next visit. Her usual populist and sentimental speech and flow of commitments will no more make people happy here rather cause her to loose support base,” opined political analysts.


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