Rajiv Gandhi’s ‘Wife’ digs into death records – Tejonmayam, NIE

Rajiv Gandhi’s ‘Wife’ digs into death records

By U Tejonmayam – CHENNAI23rd December 2012 08:44 AM

Nearly 21 years after former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Sriperumbudur, a 50-year-old woman claiming she was from Andhra Pradesh sought and received a copy of his death certificate from the registrar’s office. According to the buzz in local circles, she reportedly claimed she was Rajiv Gandhi’s wife.

In her application, the woman identified herself as Sabeena Feroz of Dada Saheb Street, in Hyderabad, sources said. But there appears to be no such street in Hyderabad, indicating the address may be ficticious.

She had on Thursday applied to the registrar office on Sriperumbudur-Tiruvallur Road for a copy of Rajiv Gandhi’s death certificate.

After processing the application, she got a copy of it on Friday.

Meanwhile, the buzz grew that while handing in her application at the registrar’s office, the woman had claimed that she was the wife of the late prime minister.

When reporters later asked registrar Ramalingam about the incident, he said he had issued the copy of the death certificate after getting permission from senior officials. The incident has left officials puzzled over the woman’s identity and intentions.

When Express contacted the registrar, he declined to speak on the issue.

“Anybody can ask for anyone’s death certificate. I am very upset and I don’t want to talk anything further,” he said.

The Sriperumbudur police, on their part, said, “We are not conducting any investigation. We have just heard about the incident. So far, we have not received any complaint.”


This is certainly the work of Modi’s Rumor Spreading Sanga to neutralize the news about Modi’s wife. Modi’s wife is a fact and she is living in very poor condition. Even Modi can spare a small amount from the money he spends on his make up, she could live a comfortable life.
Posted by geekay at 12/23/2012 10:25 Reply to this Report abuse
Logically if it is the handiwork of Modi who according to Congress is extremely smart in marketing things then don you think Modi’ men wud spread the word about the other husband of Sonia Gandhi ? Why wud he spread the word about a person who died some 22 yrs ago
Posted by Aravind at 12/23/2012 11:55 Reply to this Report abuse

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‘Not Sonia, another woman claimed to be Rajiv Gandhi’s wife’ Posted by: Nairita Updated: Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 14:51 [IST]

Chennai, Dec 26: 21 years after Rajiv Gandhi’s death, a statement from a revenue official shocked all. An official of Kancheepuram district informed that a woman had claimed to be Rajiv Gandhi’s wife. The woman, who was identified as Sabeen Firdous from Hyderabad, was also issued Mr Gandhi’s death certificate.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi might be shocked over the incident. Times of India quoted the revenue official as saying, “Death certificates are not confidential papers but what has caused discomfiture is that she claimed to be Rajiv Gandhi’s wife.” The daily also reported that the woman, in her application, mentioned her age as 50 and her place of residence as Dada Sahib Road, Hyderabad. The sub-registrar officer Ramalingam had issued the death certificate copy to the woman. Later, a probe was held and Kancheepuram district administration ordered the transfer of the record clerk B Natarajan.

The shocking revelation ignited controversy over Rajiv Gandhi’s death. Recently, K Ragothaman, who was the head of the investigating team of the assassination case, published a book which brought the then chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB) MK Narayanan to the centre of the controversy. Narayanan, who is currently the governor of West Bengal, has been accused of suppressing a video which allegedly had captured “human bomb” Dhanu at the Sriperumbudur venue where Rajiv Gandhi was killed on May 21, 1991.

The video tape allegedly showed Dhanu’s presence at the venue prior to the former prime minister’s arrival. In his book “Conspiracy to kill Rajiv Gandhi – From CBI files”, Ragothaman writes, “The assassin gang, as per our investigation, was very much in the sterile zone for more than two and half hours waiting for its target.” The allegations of the author raised fingers at Tamil Nadu police who had easily got away with the claim that Dhanu had sneaked into the sterile zone after Rajiv Gandhi’s arrival at the venue around 10 pm. The author, in his book, also asserted that “the tape taken by the IB officials was the original one and that the video given to the local police was a substituted one”.

The former IB chief also informed that DR Karthikeyan, the then chief of Special Investigation Team (SIT), had allowed Narayanan to go scot-free after conducting a preliminary investigation regarding the missing video. In his book, the author leaves a question for Narayanan saying, would Narayanan have dared “to damage the goal of the Congress party, irrespective of his personal affiliation to Rajiv Gandhi’s family?” According to Ragothaman, the crucial video tape was suppressed as it could have exposed those people with whom Dhanu had interacted at the venue. OneIndia News

Read more at: http://news.oneindia.in/2012/12/26/not-sonia-another-woman-claimed-to-be-rajiv-gandhi-wife-1120597.html


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