This govt of rapists let loose their goonda police on protesters. Patriotic Indians! March to Delhi!

Photo curtesy DNA:

Delhi gang-rape protesters defy efforts to silence outrage


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3 Responses to This govt of rapists let loose their goonda police on protesters. Patriotic Indians! March to Delhi!

  1. doraiswaamy ganesh says:

    Sir it is a shame that while Italian murderers are allowed to join their families and perhaps never return to stand trial Indians suffer at the hands of the bitch that is unfortunately in command .Ganesh.

  2. Raman says:

    The wake up call came only now.This type of rape is going on for a long time and no case has been solved becoz of the influence of politicians of all hues.They say Parliament is a temple of democracy but what is happening is nothing but a sham.PM and HM say they too hv 3 daughters and feel the anxiety of the students but why no action has been taken for a week?The police caught some 4 or 5 people from the road and say they are the rapists.What evidence they hv got?Only one agreed for a ID parade and the other victim recognised and the other 4 refused for ID parade.Why?They are not the culprits.So it is only a ploy by the Delhi police to escape from the wrath of the public that they hv captured the real culprits.Then why they hv not made any FIR against them so far?All dramas enacted by the cunningness of the Home Secretary Singh who is a notorious fellow and who is controlling the Delhi police and give instructions to them and he did the same in the crack down of Ramdev case also.Unless that HS Singh is called and questioned there won’t be any progress.For that the Govt shuld first remove him from the post as from the time he became HS lot of troubles hv come all over India.Unfit bastard.As he is dear to Sonia bitch no action is being taken against him.Only way is not to beg to Pranab for convening a Parliament session which he outrightly rejected and poor BJP clueless leaders like Advani went to beg him for a session when the same was already rejecetd by Manmohan and Shinde and that shows the paucity of wisdom on the part of Advani and other BJP leaders.How can they hope to win the next elections?So nothing is going to change in India unless all the people in all states raise up agaisnt this Congress Govts and their supporters future of India will be a sad one.

  3. arishsahani says:

    Looks like Media has mastered with congress to fool Hindus masses. How they do it.
    THey create a debate hourly basis and keep Congress leaders real culprit and real game player out of debate. Sonia ,Ahmed patel. Our PM Manhmohan, Our Home minister, Our Police commissioner our President all are kept in background and making some fools ( tiwari, singh )who have no power to back up the congress and use them to attack opposition , that they are not doing any thing as opposition is the fault .
    What a dirty game by media and Hindus fools don’t get it..

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