The fear that is driving Antonia to rig Gujrat Election using EC and its EVMs

Modi’s Delhi shift: BJP will fall in line, but timing is uncertain

Narendra Modi is like an internal Walmart to BJP. Just as the entry of Walmart is feared to be a threat to local kirana shops, Modi’s arrival in Delhi could do the same for many in the party….That notwithstanding, his onward march to Delhi is now unstoppable. The question is when and in what form”, a BJP leader told Firstpostafter all exit polls showed Modi winning a thumping majority in the recently held assembly polls.

If the BJP equals or breaches its performance of 117 seats in 2007, as many exit polls are suggesting, Modi’s position will be even stronger vis-a-vis BJP and the RSS. The results are due on 20 December, but party insiders say even if the actual numbers are lower than 117, it will not make much of a difference to Modi’s future role in national politics. The pressure for Modi comes from the grassroots.

Despite recent media comments on the Modi-RSS relationship, especially over the Sanjay Joshi affair, the Sangh sees Modi as a strong and successful mascot of the Parivar’s ideology.

The victory will take him to Delhi but will the other BJP leaders make space for Modi? PTI

In the recent elections, BJP leaders of all hues spent time campaigning in Gujarat – just as the Gujarat Tourism ad suggests, Kuch din toh gujaro Gujarat mein. This is indicative of widespread acceptance of Modi’s first-among-equals place in the BJP leadership. The same thing happened during last year’s Sadbhavna fasts, where not only BJP leaders, but also some of the allies made their presence felt.

“Gujarat is political tourism. You have to be here if you want to connect with the changing climatic conditions within the party”, another BJP leader said. Those visiting Gujarat as star campaigners or otherwise included Modi’s in-house critics, but nobody took any chances with Modi.

“Modi neither forgets nor forgives”, noted one BJP insider.

As things stand, nobody in the party has any idea about the timing of Modi’s eventual shift from Gandhinagar to Delhi, but there is unanimity that the first changes will be felt in the BJP organisation and administration.

It was not without reason that Modi had turned the state election into a national election, constantly targeting only the three top UPA leaders – Sonia GandhiManmohan Singh andRahul Gandhi. He turned around Congress’s Gujarat election slogan, Disha Bhi Badlo, Dasha Bhi Badlo (Change the path and change the course) to “Congress Ki Dasha, Desh Ki Durdasha” (the Congress’s path is disastrous for the nation).

Some BJP leaders believe that Modi’s thumping victory will make the Congress and its allies, both within and outside, conscious of their potential vulnerability in the next parliamentary elections. They may thus avoid creating a situation where the UPA has to go for an early election. Moreover, since Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi failed to make any impact in Gujarat, and even drew criticism for failing to take on Modi, the party may be wary of setting up the stage for a Modi versus Rahul battle in 2014.

If the anointment of Rahul as future PM is delayed, the BJP too can delay taking a call on its prime ministerial candidate.

The reasoning behind these arguments is that Modi himself would not like to vacate his chief ministerial position in Gandhinagar any time soon, especially if he does not have anything substantive to do in Delhi right now. Moreover, he has promises to fulfil in Gujarat, and make foolproof arrangements for his succession. His journey to achieve his final ambition ofBada Pradhan (Prime Minister), as they say in his home state, will take some time to unfold.

A more important short-term issue is whether Modi’s mandate will impact BJP President Nitin Gandkari’s prospects for remaining in his post. BJP sources says even though Gadkari has been targeted for his Purti shenanigans, he continues to enjoy the unflinching support of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. Gadkari’s “re-election” has been delayed by a few weeks. It was to take place by 20 December but this has now been postponed to the third week of January. The official reason is that organisational elections in at least half the total states will have to be completed before the national president can be elected.

Sources say both Gadkari and the RSS brass have indicated that the party president’s position could be vacated for Modi if he is agreeable to holding it. The position of other in-house aspirants to this post is the same. But Modi has not spoken of his preferences yet. Would he want to become party president or he would want to be named as leader and PM candidate and anoint a pliable president of his choice?

A recent organisational change in Madhya Pradesh can provide an interesting parallel for the future at the national level. The BJP’s Madhya Pradesh state unit President Prabhat Jha, who had strong RSS backing, had to make way for Narendra Singh Tomar last Sunday. The argument was that in an election year the party president has to be in alignment with the Chief Minister. The rank and file of the BJP would like to see a similar thing happen at the national level. Modi, after all, has an image and is expected to live by that when he moves to Delhi over the next few months. The Walmart parallel would then come into play in the BJP.


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2 Responses to The fear that is driving Antonia to rig Gujrat Election using EC and its EVMs

  1. Raman says:

    It is a bizarre argument that Modi will become PM after the next LS elections in the same way Rahul will become PM.First there is no guarantee that NDA will get a good number of seats at least above 180 to 200 so that some more regional parties can be accomodated to have the majority.Then the NDA partners and allied parties must accept Modi as PM and that may be a difficult task as there are many contenders.As of now there are not many leaders in BJP who can be accepted as PM.Sushuma is useless even as opposition leader and so unfit for PM.She can make some speeches and apart from that no PM capabilities.Gadkari won’t be accepted even though RSS may like him.Advani is too old to handle the post and not a fir person though others may accept him.Then it is Arun Jaitley who as the potential and a fit candidate for the post becoz of legal and plitical acumen and is easy in both Hindi and English.May be he has no mass following like others but even Manmohan Singh also does not hv any mass following.At least he has got brain unlike Manmohan who is only a robot with no self thinking and asserting the powers the post offers as he is only a loyal servant of Sonia.So the best bet at present is Arun Jaitley if at all NDA comes to power.In the immediate present Modi can’t be a PM candidate and it is better for BJP to leave him to concentrate on Gujerat only and of course he can play a pivatal role in the national politics and slowly after some gap he can be made the PM when other parties dilute their antagonism to him.So there are so many ifs and buts and it is ridiculous to make him a potential PM now as he can’t be acceptable to all the states and parties.So the argument fell flat and it is only for arguments sake.The Congress paid media is trying to isolate him to bring this issue unnecessarily to divide BJP.

  2. Hemen Parekh says:

    Opinions are subject to change !

    Including opinions of political parties about ” Opinion Polls ”

    In the following cases , what were our opinions – before and after ?

    > Ordinance before Rahul Gandhi’s Press Conference

    > Asaram Bapu before arrest

    > Rape Law after Nirbhaya

    > Kejriwal after Maulana meeting

    > Satyagraha before Gandhiji

    > RTI coverage of political parties before Supreme Court ruling

    > CBI before CAG audits

    > Lalu Yadav as Railway Minister and after Fodder Scam

    > Jan LokPal after Anna Hazare

    > Elections after T N Seshan / NOTA

    > Inflation after Onions

    > ASI after Unnao gold digging ……. etc

    We are all humans – not some computer algorithm.

    so , as we grow up and get influenced by people and events around us , we do change our opinions

    After each event , a new perspective emerges

    We learn to judge people in new perspective

    We also try to change other people and future outcome of events , by influencing them with our own opinions

    So what is wrong in both , Congress and BJP having changed their opinions about ” Opinion Polls ” over time ?

    Of Course , nothing !

    Only thing they won’t admit ( at least , publicly ) , is :

    ” At any point of time , the prevailing circumstances dictate our opinions .

    We reserve the right to modify our opinions from time to time , in order
    to suit the circumstances

    In politics , just as there are no permanent friends ( or enemies ), there
    are no permanent virtues ( or vices ) – nor permanent opinions !

    We are ” Rational ” people who must , for ever , consider what is in our
    best interest , at a point of time ( ala ” Game Theory / Nash Equilibrium ”
    of John Nash )

    End of the controversy !

    So be it !

    * hemen parekh ( 08 Nov 2013 )

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