Rehman Malik dared to equate Mumbai attack with Ayodhya because of weak govt in centre:Modi(Video)

Palanpur, 15 December 2012

Addressing a campaign rally in Palanpur around noon today, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi slammed central government for its weakness, thanks to which Pakistan’s minister Rehman Malik could have liberty to equate Mumbai terror attack with Ayodhya 1990.

Modi said: “Today when I was traveling, I heard one Pakistni delegation led by Rehman Malik is visiting India to talk peace, but that Rehman Malik has stated here something that India can’t tolerate. Pakistan’s this minister dared to speak on the land of India that Mumbai terror attack and Ayodhya 1990 were similar events. I want to ask the PM, whether any Pakistani minister has right to intervene in India’s internal issues? Pakistan is guilty of Mumbai attack, and instead of answering that, this minister justifies Mumbai event by equating it with Ayodhya. Pakistan dares to speak this way, because the government sitting in Delhi is not strong enough. PM is discussing Sir Creek with Pakistan’s delegation. PMji you are not giving reply, you are talking round and round, but I want clear answer from Delhi. I want clear assurance that even one inch of Sir Creek would not be given to Pakistan. Sonia questions me on Sir Creek issue, I want to tell her that I am a son of India, we live for India and will die for this nation, I took birth in this mitti and will die here. For us Sir Creek is not just a piece of land, it is a part of our country and we will not allow its partition. I raised this issue now only because of the meeting going to be held today to discuss Sir Creek. Otherwise I had written a letter on same issue in the month of April too. PMji, you are going ahead to finalize the agreement on Sir Creek as per Pakistan’s wish. Today is 15th December, it’s Sardar Patel ‘s death anniversary. Sardar created united India and on his death anniversary you talk to Pakistan to make deals of our land? This nation will never forgive you.”


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