Mussolini’s vaarisu would do anything to cling to power as alternative is to count bars in Tihar for rest of life.

Cash of Treasury for vote bribe scam. What will happens if Congress loses next LS poll? — Swamy asks Rahul to ponder

— Cash of Treasury for vote bribe scam

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy

The family designated Heir Apparent Rahul Gandhi spilled the beans while addressing 51 DCC Presidents about the CashTransfer Scheme stating the scheme as ensuring his party winning the next two Lok Sabha General elections.

Now that it has been admitted officially by the General Secretary of the Congress Party the Indian public should know that this scheme is nothing but a “cash of the treasury for vote bribe” scam. It will further ruin the Indian economy.

Instead of thinking up such corrupting schemes which have failed to fool the wise Indian voter in the past, I urge Mr. Rahul Gandhi to ponder what would happen to him and his party leaders if they failed to win the next Lok Sabha election.


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