BSP stand on FDI voting smacks of deal with Cong: BJP

New Delhi, December 06, 2012

BJP on Thursday alleged that the manner in which BSP changed its stand on the FDI in retail issue within “one day” by announcing that it will vote with the government in Rajya Sabha smacks of a deal between the party and the ruling Congress.

BJP also condemned the language used by BSP chief Mayawati during her speech in Rajya Sabha on the FDI issue on Thursday.

“Why this metamorphosis in the BSP in one day? They boycotted FDI in retail during the debate in Lok Sabha but have declared open support to it. BSP must explain what was the compulsion that led to the change,” deputy leader of BJP in Rajya Sabha Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

Mayawati announced in Rajya Sabha that BSP will vote with the government on the FDI in retail issue. The party had staged a walkout on Wednesday in Lok Sabha, moments before the FDI issue was put to vote.

“The surrounding circumstances are too suspicious to indicate a deal between BSP and Congress,” Prasad said.

Mayawati is facing charges of possessing disproportionate assets which are being probed by CBI. She was served a notice by the Supreme Court in the case.

BJP also criticised Mayawati for the kind of vocabulary she used while attacking the main Opposition and its leaders in her speech in Rajya Sabha.

“This is the most abusive, sub-standard comments of Mayawati and was unparliamentary. We welcome criticism but this was abuse and that too against the Leader of Opposition who is an eminent leader,” Prasad said.

Mayawati had used some terms- ostensibly against Sushma Swaraj without naming her- during her speech in the Upper House during the FDI debate. BJP had vehemently objected to it.


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One Response to BSP stand on FDI voting smacks of deal with Cong: BJP

  1. Raman says:

    Mayavati has three alternatives .Abstentation,Voting with the Govt ,Disrupting the proceedings as before by raising quota issue.As Kamalnath stated yesterday he will manage the numbers it is clear that he has agreed to the quota issue which requires Constitutional amendment as a quid pro quo as abstaining by her will make Mulayam vote aginst the Govt as said by a top SP leader.In that case if Maya also abstains then the position of the Govt will be shaky.So at the instance of Kamalnath she brought a non issue to escape from not voting by saying Sushma derided her as her party’s abstentation from LS on Wednesday due to the pressure of CBI.Though the fact is true Maya said she felt insulted and never worried abt CBI or Govt and since she does not want to help the communal forces to steal the show her party is voting with the Govt thereby making the Govt a relieved one.To add to this since Maya has decided to vote with the Govt Mulayam who wanted to vote aginst the Govt in case of abstentation by Maya changed his stand and said his party will abstain from voting thereby sealing the fate of the motion.It is all pure drama staged by SP,BSP and Kamalnath who played a marvellous role in both LS and RS and has become the saviour of the Govt.Now Congress does not feel the absence of Pranab who used to act as a trouble shooter and Kamalnath played well.So the charge of Maya abt Sushmas statement of the fight between FDI Vs CBI to corner SP and BSP is only an eye wash.Even otherwise this UPA esp Congress has learnt the art of getting numbers which they hv proved time and again whenever voting comes.Only way now left is for the people of the country to realise the dirty game of Congress and oust the same in all the state and Central elections.How far Maya is going to convince her vote bank on FDI is a different matter if she gets the Quota bill passed and then she can face her vote bank as working for their welfare and the issue of FDI will be forgotten.So it is a well planned strategy and that was why Sonia told yesterday that she is happy they hv won in LS and she never bothered abt RS as she knows the plan of Kamalnath.Let us see how thigs unfold in the future and how far this scheme is going to succeed as it is doubtful Walmart or any other MNCs will come to India in thecharged circumstances andlack of electricity,proper infrastructure which they are to build an dwith all other conditiions and with a volatile people of different states whether they will dare to invest in India. So the the gamble of Congress will not work in practice.

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