Dissent brewing in AP Congress, MPs set to resign?


Revolt appears to be brewing in Congress with several party MPs from Telangana today skipping a crucial meeting called by party floor leaders in Parliament on the FDI vote.

Protests in Telangana. AP.

New Delhi:Revolt appears to be brewing inCongress with several party MPs from Telangana today skippinga crucial meeting called by party floor leaders in Parliamenton the FDI vote and a few of them even meeting TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao.

The meeting with Rao, who has openly announced that hewould vote against the UPA government in Lok Sabha on the FDIissue, is seen as an embarrassment to the Congress andthe government.

Adding to the suspense was intense speculation that a fewCongress MPs from Telangana were contemplating to quit theparty and join TRS, which has been spearheading the protestfor a separate Telangana state in the recent times.

The day began with seven Telangana MPs boycotting themeeting called by Home Minister and Leader of Lok SabhaSushilkumar Shinde and Parliamentary Affairs Minister KamalNath and keeping the question of skipping the vote tomorrowopen.

The meeting was attended only by two MPs each from LokSabha and Rajya Sabha. Two Union ministers SarveySatyanarayana and Balram Naik also attended, while S JaipalReddy could not make it.

“We boycotted the meeting. We did not want to go,”Karimnagar MP Ponnam Prabhakar told PTI.His colleague and Nizamabad MP Madhu Goud Yaskhi also spoke in a similar vein when he said they decided unanimouslyto boycott the meeting called by party leaders.

On their strategy during vote tomorrow, they said”tomorrow’s strategy will be decided tomorrow”.Though it appeared like a token protest against their party, events that unfolded in the evening projected that theMPs were serious in their threat of boycotting when they metRao, the political face of the Telangana agitation.

Rao himself drove to the residences of one of the MPs GVivekanand, son of senior Congress leader G Venkatasamy, andcloseted with him and two other MPs for over an hour.

Though the reason cited was that Rao came to wishVivekanand on his birthday, but the MP himself was candid when nhe said Telangana and other issues of interest were discussed.


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2 Responses to Dissent brewing in AP Congress, MPs set to resign?

  1. Raman says:

    It is a good sign of the events that may unfold in future.Already there is revolt in Gujerat Congress ,now in AP ,in Kerala too there are dissidents though they may not immediately threaten the UPA Govt and in the coming months more states that may go to poll will see such revolts.Now a days neither Sonia or her idiot son Rahul get the old reverence and they hv lost the charm for the party as many in the party has taken the view that they can’t deliver much in the coming assembly and LS elections.Mulayam and Mayavati are the two headaches for BJP and they shuld be neutralised before the next LS elections by BJP as Mulayam can’t win muslim votes by using the communal card against BJP again as even the muslims are not taking him seriously.There are reports that Mulayam is trying to woo the higher caste votes which normally vote for BJP.If Mulayam is secular ie pleasing the muslims why he requires higher caste votes?As LS elections is a different ball game again both muslims and higher caste people won’t vote completely for Mulayam,Mayavati or Congress.Much depends on the strategy of BJP and they shuld start their compaign from now onwards and keep the present allies in good humour and also see that TMC,BJD,ADMK,TDP,Jagans paty all come together as the old slogan of communal won’t carry any more weight in the present day circumstances as people are reeling under dire poverty,high price rise and all such maladies and want relief from the Congress.So a golden opportunity for BJP led coalition to come back to power in the next LS elections but much depends how they chalk out their programmes,how they work in villages etc Congress is very cunning and start using CBI etc on other parties but that can go only for a year.When Congress loses then SP,BSP will no longer get afraid of Congress and the use of communal card against BJP also will vanish and try to back the same.So gear up BJP don’t lose the golden chance.

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