One more evidence that BJP is secular (anti-Hindu). We miss you Yeddy!

Case against historian for ‘promoting enmity’

Bangalore, Nov 29, 2012, DHNS:

The Bangalore City police have registered a case against noted historian M Chidananda Murthy on the charges of promoting enmity between different groups, through his remarks on Tipu Sultan recently.

He has been charged under IPC Section 153 (A) for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc.

Addressing a press conference on November 21, he had opposed the naming of the minority university coming up at Srirangapatna after Tipu Sultan.

At the meeting, he had called Tipu a communal king who oppressed the Hindus.
Chidananda Murthy also reiterated his comments in his interview to a Kannada daily on November 25.

Angered by his comments, Tipu Sultan Samyukta Ranga Convenor Sardar Ahmed Quereshi had filed a complaint at the Cubbon Park police station.


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2 Responses to One more evidence that BJP is secular (anti-Hindu). We miss you Yeddy!

  1. Now we wholeheartedly support BSY who is having a true hindu identity who has never tortured any hindus saint and sadhvis.But now BJP govt arrests a true hindu writter who said TIPU was antihindu

  2. Raman says:

    It only shows policy paralysis in BJP also.When certain muslim goondas created trouble in Mumbai no case was registered against them and the police were watching th burning of their vans and even attack on their men.This was surely on the directions of the Home Minister of Maharashtra .As the state is ruled by Cong=NCP combine they don’t want to displease muslims.At the same time BJP Govt in K’taka charges a person who boldly opposed the naming of a uiversity in the name of Tipu, undoubtedely a notorious dacoit who looted much in his days.Justy becoz the Uty was for minorities does the same shuld be named after a dacoit wholooted Indias wealth.They could hv named the same in the name of Azad or any others who worked for the freedom of thje country.What Tipu did for the country except looting.BJP in K’taka is committing blunder after blunder under the present CM Sheddar and the previous Gowda and their aim is to somehow block Yeddy undoubtedly a staunch Hindu from coming back.A disappointed Yeddy has chosen to quit such a stupid party BJP as also resigned his MLA seat.He is the only man with some guts who put great efforts in building the party from scratch and made it to occupy power by tirelessly working.Unfortunately as the leaders of BJP in Delhi are all idiots and perhaps want to promote Ananth Kumar as CM in case BJP wins the assembly elections due for next year have committed a grave error.Nobody in BJP has the power to defeat Yeddy who is so close to the people of K’taka.Result will be Yeddys party will spoil the chances of BJP coming back tio power again.The arguments put by the leaders at Delhi if Yeddy comes clean of all the charges when all know the cases in courts will drag for decades without end committed grave injustice to Yeddy and thereby making BJP losing all the States in the South as before as they hv no influence in any of the other 3 states.Stupid people policyless,leaderless.clueless they are bound to hand over the reign to Congress again in the next LS elections and then blabber.Sorry state of affairs indeed.

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