Dr. Subramanian Swamy in Times Now debate about invoking media rights (Full)

The culture of paid media invariably comes down to cutting deal with interested parties to ‘make news’ .  In this criminal nature the fourth estate ie. the media has gone away from its avowed role of speaking what it sees.  While it has gone to speak for others by misusing its neutral role, its greed comes out to bargain on the wages of the crime.  Unfortunately the journalists are being misused as the go-betweens and bargainers.  Here is the sad story of the arrest of two journalists who acted on behalf of a media house and the misusing of political and police powers by the other party viz. the Zindal Steel and Power to contain the media.

Dr. Subramaian Swamy has been able to expose this sad state of affairs in the ‘secular’ India.


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One Response to Dr. Subramanian Swamy in Times Now debate about invoking media rights (Full)

  1. Raman says:

    Arnab Goswami, a sanctimonius idiot and Congress felloe getting lot of money from Congress for defending them.His closest friend is that idiot Manish Tiwari.Jindal isa Cong MP and a multi multi billionaire and a good contributor of Congrss funds and a clsoe friend of Rahul can with his money and support from Sonia copuld influence the Delhi police,judiciary,foresnsic lab and covert even a genuine tapa into a doctored one and vice versa.Normally in a deal of such a mgnitude so much time won’t be taken to conclude a deal and Jindal has purposely invited the editors of Zee and must have put the proposal and dragged on the meeting soas to tape the whole thing.Delhi police naturally is a pawn of the Congress paty and so the arrest is malafide.Dr.Swamy is right in his observations able assisted by Pinaki.Arnab gets his pay pocket extra fromCongress probably thru the influence of Manish with Congress.He now takes as if he is the most man of virtues.He is a notoriopus criminal and if BJP gives as much money as Congress he won’t hesitate to change his stand.So don’thave much opinion abt the fellow as he is only a stooge of Congress and anti BJP which can be seen in almost all the debates.He used to scream,shout,abuse at times but now a days he has mellowed down may be by reading the artcles of Gurumurthy on Gadkari which were a blow to Arnabs so called stupid investigations and after Gurus hard hitting articles giving all the facts now he is keeping quiet on Gadkari.In this case probably Jindal must have purchased him for a few crores and he was conducting a media trial.Stupid fellow.

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