Dr Subramanian Swamy in NDTV debate about 2G Spectrum auction



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2 Responses to Dr Subramanian Swamy in NDTV debate about 2G Spectrum auction

  1. Raman says:

    Sonia,Chidambaram,Sibal all were laughing of the small amount received from sale of 22 spectrums and asserted that there was no loss and CAG was wrong in his calculations of the figure at the maximum amount of 1.76 lakh crores and DMK promoted by Congess wants to hv a discussion in Parliament.PC,Sibal are known for their stupidity in all dealings whereas PC escapes Sibal is made a laughing stock.That is the difference.CAG made an estimate that if the licences were sold in 2007 at the rates in which the allottees of spectrum licences in 2007 who later sold the same at 8 or 10 times more thereby earning good profit.So CAG in his report submitted in 2010
    estimated presumptive loss could be a maximum of 1.76 lakh crores by taking into account the reselling of licences by some parties at a margin of 8 or 10 times and if spectrums would hv been sold at that rate the figure of 1.76 lakh crores will come.He is perfectly correct.In 2012 the position is different.Already 3G hv come and 4G will come and becoz of the SC cases nobody wanted to bid for 2G as most of the parties have already made up the money and made huge profit during the last 4 years.So attacking CAG by the stupid Congress people of the estimation of CAG in the report submitted in 2010 is ridiculous.In 2007 the spectrums could hv brought very good amount as there was huge demand becoz of the expansion of the telecom sector.One secretay even suggested that the spectrum shuld hv been sold at 34,000 per licence or so and the same would have been purchased by the telecom cmpanies as the demand was huge at that time and they could hv made up the amount.That was in 2007 and not in 2012 with all the cases hovering over the parties.If 34,000 was adopted then the loss could hv been more than 4 lakh crores.So it is funny that Sibal and PC say that the CAG report was wrong.In fact they know that the sale would hv been made by auction at the amount but rejected by PC and Raja as they could not loot if the licences were sold at a higher rate and Sonia,Karunanidhi,PC,Raja all would hv been the losers of the loot.
    Now they bought one Singh and made him to say that the loss could hv been only abt 2500 crores and CAG report was wrong and he was forced to sign the report and there is a a nexus between CAG and Murali Manohar Joshy.Of course he has done this after retirement for a hefty sum offered by Congress or promise of a plum post.So the whole argument of the validity of CAG in estimation is nothing but to make the people more fools as they can take up the matter in elections.Preposterous thing the Congress is doing. The same may be with Coal scam also.Now Sonia and PC seem to be safe of the loot and may be Raja will be the only sufferer as per Gangulys verdict while cancelling the licences.BJP is way behind such sort of cunnigness and lack of proper leadership andshowing interest in lunch and dinner meetings to discuss and sleep afterwards will not be able to win the LS electionswhenever the same is held.Really shameful and painful of the degradation that is set in BJP.

  2. Pravin says:

    2g spectrum scam is counted as the biggest scams in India so also in the world. Some high positioned politicians and some bureaucrats got benefited from this. Almost $31 billion was lost on the behalf of the government. The scam should be inquired positively and the culprits should got positive punishments for which every one who is going to do such crimes will think many times for the punishment or result.

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