Need to educate media persons on ‘black money’, ‘illicit wealth’, PEPs

A menace called black money By Kanchan Gupta on November 11, 2012

This article is a good reflection of the state of ignorance exhibited by the media in general and columnists, in particular about the issue of black money.

It is a relief to note that Kanchan sees ‘black money’ as a menace, irrespective of his misunderstanding of the phrase.

A good primer is available. It is a Federal Act of Switzerland. Law concerning the Federal Act on the Restitution of Assets of Politically Exposed Persons obtained by Unlawful means

I request the media persons to read the act in full and carefully to understand the nuances of the terms like ‘illicit wealth’ or ‘unlawful means’ so that the term PEP used in the Act can also be fully understand. PEP means: Politically Exposed Person (a term recognised in international financial transactions to enforce the Know Your Client principle of financial propriety). The Act provided the framework for seizing the illicit wealth of Muammar Gadafi and Hasni Mubarak and hand the wealth back to the people of Libya and Egypt, respectively.

Now it is time for Indian media to identify and name the PEPs: To start with, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Hasan Ali, Tapuria. Remember how Tapuria linked Hasan Ali with a woman politician…

Then, we can go beyond what Kanchan Gupta ends his wishy-washy article with: ” It could be entirely coincidental why certain names have yet to figure on the list of shame released by Kejriwal and his comrades.”

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